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Jun 16, 2009 08:08 AM

Cuisinart mini wine cellar

We are thinking of getting a 16 bottle Cuisinart Wine Cellar because we are moving into an old home in Florida and have several bottles we'd like to preserve from temperature fluctuations (no basement). The reason we are thinking of getting the Cuisinart is b/c we have a Williams-Sonoma store credit and that's the only brand they sell in the right size for us. Basically, the cellar was not on the top of our purchase list, but since we have the credit we figured it would be a good use for it (we don't really need any other kitchen items). But the Cuisinart has gotten really mixed reviews on the WS site. I'd love any feedback on this particular brand or on the need for this type of cellar in general. I'd say we have about 8 bottles that should continue to age (per our wine guy's rec); otherwise we usually just have mid-range wines that we drink up pretty quickly (within a few months). Thanks!

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  1. Hi Procrastibaker,

    I recieved the Cuisinart Wine Cellar as a Christmas gift and was not impressed. After I got used to the airplane landing sounds the thing makes all day, it broke after 6 months. No idea what happened to it, it just stopped cooling but kept running and making the plane sounds. Also during the whole time I had it water pooled at the bottom (the customer service guy said that was "normal"). The good news is that WS has a great return policy and my mom kept the receipt so I was able to return the fridge a year after it was purchased.

    I recieved another, larger (24 bottles, I think?) cooler as a gift this past Christmas. I can't remember the brand, but it comes from Home Depot. It is much quieter (sounds like an aquarium), I havent had the water issues and it just made it past the 6 month mark and is still kicking!

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      Thanks so much EmBrooks! One question, though, was this recent or a few years ago? I hear around 2007 or so Cuisinart revamped the model based on so many customer complaints.

      1. re: Procrastibaker

        I have to agree with Em. I got one for Christmas 2007 from my g/f and it died 8 months in. Water was constant, noise was awful. She lost the receipt, so all I got was store credit which was not much because the price ad dropped to something like 40 bucks on clearance because, I suppose, the product sucks that much. It looks cool, and is a decent size, but go for something else. Anything else.

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          No problem! Mine was also Christmas 2007 so I can't comment on any newer models...

      2. The original comment has been removed