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Greenwich Lobster House?

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Has anyone eaten at Greenwich Lobster House? Parents are coming to town this weekend and Dad loves Ruby's in Rye, but I'm looking for a new place for oysters, seafood and steak. Any thoughts or other ideas? Thanks.

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  1. please rethink your agenda .Greenwich lobster house is mcdonalds compared to rubys.You could try F.I.S.H in port chester.

    1. Try Morgan's Fish in Rye. Same owners as Ruby's, but more upscale. Ate there once-very good. It's around the corner from Ruby's.

      1. Willet House

        1. I have heard some positive things about Pacifico, a seafood place, although I've never been myself. They have a location in Portchester and one up in New Haven.

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            i think pacifico port chester has closed

          2. jfood seconds the go back to Portchester and go to FISH.