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Jun 16, 2009 07:32 AM

Trillium Bistro

There is a new restaurant on Avenue Road just north of Lawrence called Trillium Bistro. It is located in the old Locavore spot. I took a look at the menu and was shocked because there is only one entree under $20. They are trying to sell salmon for $27. Good luck with that. I see that they also serve brunch. It's a real shame that the old spot didn't make it because it was an outstanding restaurant. I think I will take a pass on this place. Not sure if it is open as of yet.

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  1. You sure about this being in the old Locavore location? They were just north of Eglinton, not Lawrence.

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    1. re: gregclow

      Locavore was definitely north of Lawrence. And yes, Trillium is in it's old space.

      1. re: TorontoJo

        Yes it is in the old Locavore location. I heard that it was going to be an indian take-out place but now we have an overpriced bistro in it's place.

        1. re: theresah

          Eep! Y'all are right, Locavore was that far north. Sorry about that, my geography isn't great north of Bloor. ;)

    2. I went to Trillium last Monday evening - have to say food was delicious - service very good. Agree it does not have enough moderate price dishes - but I had the chicken and it was really good. Perhaps with some feedback they will offer some less pricey items on menu. But would suggest trying this place

      1. buy the salmon at $27 or don't, but i find it frustrating that people judge without trying it ( i know we all window shop or kick the tires before buying). but you're not sure if its even open yet and the menu might not even be finalized. Locavore wasn't cheap either but many great entrees can't be expected under $20 even for a 'bistro'. let's let them get their feet wet before we write them off the page

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          Harsh! Yes it was open, sure of that. Not kicking tires, just making a comment. In the end, Locavore was reasonable. Who has written them off the page?

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