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Jun 16, 2009 07:02 AM

Anyone else disappointed with Oregon Grille

Went there Friday night with the Wife. We always arrive 15-20 mins early so we can enjoy a cocktail at the bar to set the mood. When we entered the restaurant, the maitre-d was completely rude. It was almost like his night would have been better if we stayed at home instead. Instead of guiding us to the bar, he just tells us to let him know when we're ready. So we find the bar and order our drinks. The bartender was named Eric, nice guy only thing I could hold against him was the fact that he's from Boston! We asked politely if anyone else ever mentions anything about how the maitre d treats people and he responds without hesitation, "all the time" So in turn the our meal was okay, I know that the economy is bad and prices for everything has gone up but the prices they're charging for food is a lil steep to say the least. $36 for what at the most was 6 ozs of fish is crazy. We also had the soft shell crab, which has been the same setup for 3 yrs straight. It's good but is kinda boring if you ask me. Maybe it's just because I'm in my 30's and hopefully not about to die that I'm not impressed with that place. I just wanted to see if anyone else felt the same way or maybe it was just a bad night for the place, even though at those prices they can't afford to have a bad night

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    1. I literally live down the street from The Oregon Grille and I never eat there...

      1. If only there were competition for upscale dining up in Hunt Valley and its environs, then OG wouldn't be able to rest on its laurels.

        I'd just get on 83 south and head to other restaurants.

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        1. re: bordeauxfan

          I agree with you 100%. The menu seemed dated, the decor, They have all their awards they won but they stopped after 2004, seemed funny. On their website they claim to be a Mobil 4 star restaurant. I looked up the guide and they had it listed as a 2 star place. Quite a difference, seems like someone is relishing the past. What about the Milton Inn? Is that a better option?

          1. re: youngfoodieguy

            Absolutely NOT. Went there the night before Easter in 2008. The French onion soup was bland, the Oysters Rockefeller was subpar. My husband's dish was not even memorable. And, shockingly, the service wasn't up to the usual standards.

            Maybe because it was the Saturday night before their big Easter celebration that may have had an affect. Can't say. But, unless they get their act together, I have no immediate plans to return.

            As far as the OG, I've had good experiences there. But have to concur, it is very expensive for the quality of food offered. I think that Charleston is a much better bet in the same price range.

            I do like the atmosphere of the OG. It's nice to have piano accompaniment during dinner. It's one of the very few places offering music.

            I chuckle when I think of the maitre'd. He does, indeed, seem put upon when guests arrive. He will win no prizes in the Personality Plus Contest. FoiGras

        2. I agree, they've been resting on their laurels like several other restaurants in the Balto-area (Tio Pepe, Brass Elephant, etc.). There aren't many other places to eat around there, unless you'd like something pre-made at Wegman's.

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            1. re: Turkeybone

              Beat me to it. It's not fine dining, but it's one of the best around.

              1. re: JonParker

                I think the OG has slipped under its new chef, altho not very much. Still great grilled arsters and lunch is a good buy. Ive had superb steaks there in the past, altho the last time was inferior. Really good desserts I like the dated atmosphere-it fits with the faded glory of so many of the customers. And you gotta love the lawn jockeys on the front path.

          1. I'm so glad that I'm not alone. From where I live Oregon Grill is 15-20 mins away while Charleston is closer to 30 mins. I rather spend the extra time driving and on gas headed there then going to OG. I think if I wanted to take a trip back in time I would pay a visit to the Prime Rib or Tio Pepe before the Grille. And to be truly honest, I have a hard time paying $35-45 for a steak that I can get from Wegmans or BJs for a third of the price and cook it on the grille at my house. One other question, am I the only one that can not stand those crispy onions that the put on plate there?

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            1. re: youngfoodieguy

              I also live close by the OG and will not go there unless forced. The service has always been gruff, snotty, and forced. The food is OK but not at their price points. Former chef was talented but the atmosphere and service always ruined the experience for me. I will make the trek to Prime Rib every time over OG.