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Jun 16, 2009 06:42 AM

Has anyone tried the Queen and Beaver public house?

Did anyone get a chance to try the new Queen and Beaver public house on Elm street? I live in the area and am interested to hear if it's worth checking out.

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  1. They only opened last night, so it'll probably be a couple of days before there are many reports. I work nearby, so I'm planning to head over for lunch later this week.

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      I went in tonight.. prices are reasonable.. place is nicely decorated and the staff are very welcoming.. Braised rib was a little dry and the steak was a bit chewey but great flavours all around.. defiantely not Firken food.. this is upscale pub food.. will wait and see before I say too much more as today was their first full day of being open..

    2. I went for dinner tonight and I enjoyed it. Not the best restaurant in town, but certainly on another level than standard pub food. They only had 2 beers on tap - Dennison's Weizen (excellent wheat beer) and Creemore Lager, plus they had Wellington Arkel on cask. They said they were going to be getting more in this Thursday. On their beer list they had several Canadian microbrews including McAuslan Cream Ale and St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout. The one thing to note is they are slightly more expensive than other places with the cask beer being $8/pint and draft $7/pint.

      For food I had the duck leg with some type of curry sauce ($17). It wasn't the best duck I've ever had, but it was tasty. My friend had ordered the mussels with fries ($11). I tried one of the mussels and it was fresh and was a pretty good value for the portion size.

      The place has serious potential as long as the food & beer list stay interesting.

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        Kwjd pretty much nailed it. Nice decor and service (though the kitchen seemed a bit slow). Certainly much better than places like the Abbott on the Hill, which seems the main competition. Definately worth trying for lunch sometime. The bacon sandwich with morbier cheese is great.

      2. We had dinner there this week, and it was a great experience. It's definitely a varied and unusual menu (for a Canadian like me) and the hardest part was making choices from all the interesting sounding options. We shared a snack/app of fois gras and duck on toast. Delicious! Also shared an order of fried sweetbreads, or as I like to think of them, "Chicken McNuggets for adults". As a main I had a nice piece of steak with the steak, onions and chips ($18) which was cooked on the rare side of the requested medium-rare. I really enjoyed it and the fries were astonishingly good. My wife had a mackerel dish which was good, though it was a bit "fishier" than she expected, but I think that's just the variety. We both look forward to going back and trying more things off the menus. The snack/app menu is long and varied, so you could probably put together a whole shared tapas style meal from it if you wanted.

        The building is beautiful and the vibe is much more upscale than your normal pub, but the service was friendly and without pretension. I suppose the kitchen wasn't the speediest in the world, thinking back, but because it's a pub and we were enjoying beers we didn't really notice. The beer selection is fairly small but the choices are good; the Dennisons was very fresh. Sadly they were out of the cask ale so I will need to try that another time.

        Prices are definitely on the higher side ($7 for a regular pint, $8 for a cask ale pint, most mains closing in on $20) but after one visit I would say that the price premium is worth it. Great spot: there's no pub in Toronto I can think of that is so ambitious with the food.

        1. I go to pubs either because its in my area and I want simple food and a pint or to go watch a televised match. We went for brunch this weekend. The regular menu was also on offer. Many tempting choices on the menu. We had the breakfast plate, chorizo beignets, steak pot pie, and the chocolate tarte. The food was generally heavy and unexceptional, but not bad. Coffee was excellent.
          Even though it bills itself as a British gastro-pub, judging by the big comfortable couches taking the place of three tables, this places is not actually about the food. The upstairs with its living room like feel and big screen tv, would be great for lounging and watching soccer matches. At these prices, I doubt they will win over Scallywag's soccer crowd. I think, they will attract white collar, non-brit wannabes, like me.
          The beer selection is good, they offer Canadian cheeses, the menu is a notch above most pubs, and the space is big and comfortable. So I may go out of my neighbourhood for the game and to snack on something better than nachos.