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Jun 16, 2009 06:13 AM

Japanese Grocery Store Coming to Brookline Village

I was walking down Washington St. and noticed in the window of Village Food Land that a Japanese grocery store is coming soon. It is at 200 Washington St. (across from Station st.) where a Korean grocery store used to be.

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  1. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.....A nearby source for my okonomiyaki ingredients!!!!!

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      1. re: robertlf

        Yeah, I saw that when it was on TV...Letterman, maybe? They were talking about how a robot could even make omelets...OMELETS: ha!

      2. re: galleygirl

        Yeah, I'll have to try this place for okonomiyaki ingredients now that Kotobukia is gone.

      3. That sounds great - nice to have so much variety in the area.
        Any word yet as to what's happening with the old Brookline Food Market on Washington and Cypress? That'd be a great spot for a neighborhood bistro or market...

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        1. re: nader

          I haven't heard anything about that space, but on tonight's licensing agenda, it appears that Oriental Pearl is looking to open where the Village Cafe is now. I am not sure if this is the same Oriental Pearl that is out in Framingham.

          Question of approving the application of Oriental Pearl, Quynh Vu, Owner for a Common Victualler license at 220 Washington Street.

        2. That's great news! Can't wait. I've been pleasantly surprised at being able to find the more commonly used items at the other Chinese markets, but would love an source for the rest. I hope they do some nice sushi fish options too.

          1. Oooooooh yeah! Finally figured out that the place in the back bay carries tenkasu (easy to make yourself, I realize, but sometimes I'm just too busy/lazy), but indeed, okonomi sauce is scarce around town. Hopefully they'll have home-made fish cakes, and they'll open by the time we finish the last of the Kotobukiya ones that are still in our freezer :)

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            1. re: another_adam

              I'm sure you know Reliable Market carries Okonomi Sauce, right?

              1. re: galleygirl

                Thanks-- yeah, good point, I just don't make it up there all that often... If I remember right, they even have Bulldog brand? (And speaking of okonomiyaki, I think I've even gotten okonomiyaki-ko at Reliable, too, if you don't mind starting from a mix.) I hadn't been much in the habit of getting Japanese things there, but now that we're starting to run out of things from the last run at Kotobukiya, we've been starting to hunt around for new sources.

                For sure, a closer source of such things would be an unexpectedly good turn of fate! (Particularly if they carry Tamaki rice, and nice fish cakes... hmmm....)

                1. re: another_adam

                  We've moved a digression about mix vs. homemade to the Home Cooking board, at

            2. Hi. Moving to Boston soon. What are the other Japanese supermarkets in the area?

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              1. re: Jack2000

                They're few and far between in this region unfortunately. The only other Japanese only market I know of is a tiny one on Newbury Street (subterranean space), that doesn't really offer a vast variety of items. Is it called Cherry? Not even sure what the name is. There is supposedly a new Japanese market to be opened in Medford.

                There are a number of Korean-Japanese markets (Reliable in Union Sq, Lotte on Mass Ave, and probably others I'm missing) as well as a few Chinese markets (Super88, C-Mart, Kam Man) that also offer pan-Asian sections and sell Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian, etc. items.

                1. re: kobuta

                  Yes, Cherry Mart, it's fine for some basics but does not compare to Kotobukiya or hopefully the place in Brookline Village. We need a decent Japanese market here in town! I know it's always unfair to compare, but in my recent trip to NYC their Japanese groceries are fantastic, and on some level I think they should be able to to quite well here too, but.....

                  Super 88's recent division into Asian categories has not worked well for me. Village Foodmart was fine, but even with a Korean focus did not do too much more than the diverse (?) Chinese places. There is that place in Allston on Harvard, don' recall the name, it's also "ok".

                  I don't make it across the River too much so can't comment on the places there except that place near Central Sq. (is that Lotte?) is also not up to par....

                  I know my post sounds negative but it is a source of frustration for me....and then, I should be glad i don't live on Pine Bluff AR or someplace like that, then I'd be totally ummmmmmm

                  1. re: Zatan

                    The place on Harvard that you're referring to must be Mirin--they're OK as a neighborhood market for some Korean items, but don't have all that much in the way of Japanese things, except that they do have a better (California) Japanese rice selection than anywhere else around (including Super 88). Lotte (Korean place on Mass Ave towards Central) is a bit bigger, but agreed, I wouldn't say it's better.

                    In fact, I'd say that Reliable is the only Korean market with significant amounts of Japanese stuff, but there's a lot of things that they just don't carry. I agree with the frustration, and I'm just holding out some home that the space of the old Village Foodmart is large enough that a new place will have a decent selection and will get some business. (Hard location, unfortunately-- I'm not sure if there's even parking there?) I would be good to have at least one T-accessible Japanese market in town...

                    1. re: another_adam

                      Thanks - we are moving from SF, and are in Japan now. The SF markets are a poor cousin to what's available in Japan...

                      1. re: Jack2000

                        Oh Jack, get ready. Originally from CA and had business in Japan for years. If you think that the SF markets are a poor cousin to those in Japan you are in for a serious shock. I make the sacrifice and travel down to Mitsuwa Marketplace in New Jersey. I know, I know it's a ride, but they have everything and anything you want for Japanese food items.

                        1. re: RhodeIslandRed

                          Mitsuwa eh? I suppose I have a new weekend activity... Thanks!