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Jun 16, 2009 06:03 AM

Minetta Tavern Alternative?

I have some family in town and have been dying to go to Minetta Tavern, but have not been able to get a reservation. Unfortunately my family's last night in the city is Saturday night. Can anyone recommend something along the lines of Minetta Tavern that I may still be able to get reservations for? Or any recommendations on getting into Minetta Tavern?

Thank you!


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  1. though i hate to see it, if you're looking for somewhere just as equally scene-y it would be the waverly inn, though probably just as hard to get in. if you're looking for GREAT food, try freemans. if that doesn't work, mcnally's pastis, balthazar and schiller's are as equally great. you could also go for bobo, public or the spotted pig.

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    1. re: monasapple

      Thank you! I think we're going with Freemans - that was so much easier! Thans again.

      1. re: MissyM

        Hate to party poop, but Freemans, while fun and mostly tasty, is definitely not great. What aspects of Minetta are you looking to replicate?

        1. re: D...DF

          I'm looking for a fun restaurant with good food. Pretty generic, but that's really it. Any suggestions?

          1. re: MissyM

            Totally agree about Freeman's - the only thing worth ordering there is the artichoke dip - the appetizers and entrees are seriously not worth a visit.

            What about Balthazar? Another Keith McNally establishment and the vibe is definitely similar to Minetta Tavern. Another place you could try - Cafe Cluny (in the west villgae) - good food and in a really cute part of the west village.

            1. re: gracenotesnyc

              We were at Minetta Tavern last week. We have also been to Balthazar a few times.

              Imho, the food, wine and vibe are at least a couple of notches better at Minetta than anything at Balthazar.

            2. re: MissyM

              Freemans ("good"), Stanton Social, Rayuela, Bacaro (reservations not taken), Lure Fishbar, The John Dory, Alta, DBGB, Hill Country.

      2. Commerce is also a very good option and has some similarities to freemans... make sure you get the meats for two, they're amazing! one of the best chicken dishes i've ever eaten in my life and i'm usually not a fan of ordering chicken.