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H-Mart "Sweet Peppers"?

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I picked up these awesome little things at H-Mart the other day as they resembled ones I tried roasted at the Santa Fe Farmer's Market last yeat - The Vendor said they were Japanese.

They are a bit longer and much thinner than jalapenos and are not smooth but 'wrinkled' - See photo.

I roasted them and popped one into my mouth - A warm rush of heat came and then plateaued - It acted as if was going to knock my socks off then backed off at the last minute - Just like the ones I tried in Santa Fe. The flavor is very good, and although I've tried them in stir-frys and salads, I still prefer just snacking on them whole.

Does anyone know what these peppers are really called other than 'sweet peppers'? Or perhaps the origins of these (and I'm leaning toward Japan beccause that's all I have to go on - But don't know if it is correct!)

Thanks in advance for the help!

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  1. My guess after a quick google would be shishito peppers. Maybe, maybe not?

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      Thanks, that looks pretty darn close! I may have to order some seeds for next season!