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Sick Food

Hi all,
I have a terrible cold and was wondering where would be a great place to get soup or other "sick food?" suggestions. I'm new to the city and figured Chinatown would probably be a good place (I work near there) but looking for any specific places/ideas. Thanks!

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  1. I'd go have a bowl of Vietnamese pho - There are couple of places on Baxter, Center, Mulberry

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        make sure to get the pho with all well-done meats; I think I actually got sick once when eating that beef too rare in the pho.

    1. Hope you feel better soon - you are likely to be able to get delivery from many places. Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with your area. You might want to check out menupages.com for options where you are.

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          cheap and not to far from work, sounds good to me : ) thanks

        2. Chicken soup. If I couldn't make a pot I'd order it in from one of the okay delis/diners downtown (IMHO there aren't any great ones downtown) - Lenny's (FiDi), Ghee Whiz (TriBeCa), Squire's (FiDi).

          As already mentioned, Chinatown is always a great option.

          Feel better.

          1. Call Sarge's Deli and order their "Super Soup"; it's a great chicken soup with noodles, matzoh ball and kreplach. You'll feel better after you eat it. Sarge's delivers all through Manhattan.

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              I saw the OP and immediately thought of Sarge's Super Soup. It's just what the doctor ordered.

              Feel better :)

            2. I notice a lot of suggestions about pho and soup at Chinatown, and while I love them, I just want to give a warning that they are, for the most part, filled with MSG. If you are not sensitive to MSG, they will certainly be great choices.

              Another option at Chinatown is congee at Big Wong. While it may have a little MSG, it is definitely less than the amount used in most soup, and it is soothing and filling at the same time.

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                I agree about the MSG. Too much and it leaves me feeling worst afterwards.

                Yuen Yuen on Bayard has medicinal soup.

              2. When you are up and about get a bag or two of Alessi Chicken Flavored Noodle Soup. You make it with 8 cups of water so there is enough for a few meals if you put the leftover soup in the refrigerator. It's available in a few places around town, notably at Fairway, for $2.50 to $3.

                1. Whenever I have a cold I eat tons of the Thai soup called tom yum goong. It's full of lemongrass, galangal (like ginger), chili, garlic, fish sauce, and shrimp (or chicken), and has been shown to have antiviral properties that can help with cold and flu!

                  Sorry I don't know the Chinatown area, but these are some good Thai restaurants in midtown and uptown: Chanpen (9th ave near 51st), and on the upper west side there are Land, Charm, and Sura.

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                    Bangkok Grocery on Mosco sells it in a can. Spicy and good.

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                      I picked up a big one of these since it was right near the drop in clinic at Duane Reade. I just had my first bowl and swear I'm already feeling a little better. Thanks much!

                    2. Thanks so much for all the suggestions everyone! I stayed home from work today, got a zpack and picked up some soup so hopefully I will feel better soon!

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                        Sarge's chicken soup, aka "Jewish penicillin," is excellent, and they deliver 24/7 anywhere in Manhattan. Be sure to order the soup with noodles and matzo balls.


                        Hope you feel better very soon.