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Jun 16, 2009 03:01 AM

Sick Food

Hi all,
I have a terrible cold and was wondering where would be a great place to get soup or other "sick food?" suggestions. I'm new to the city and figured Chinatown would probably be a good place (I work near there) but looking for any specific places/ideas. Thanks!

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  1. I'd go have a bowl of Vietnamese pho - There are couple of places on Baxter, Center, Mulberry

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        make sure to get the pho with all well-done meats; I think I actually got sick once when eating that beef too rare in the pho.

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      1. Hope you feel better soon - you are likely to be able to get delivery from many places. Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with your area. You might want to check out menupages.com for options where you are.

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            cheap and not to far from work, sounds good to me : ) thanks

          2. Chicken soup. If I couldn't make a pot I'd order it in from one of the okay delis/diners downtown (IMHO there aren't any great ones downtown) - Lenny's (FiDi), Ghee Whiz (TriBeCa), Squire's (FiDi).

            As already mentioned, Chinatown is always a great option.

            Feel better.