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Jun 16, 2009 12:37 AM

good stromboli in northern virginia?

does anyone have any recommendations about where i might find good stromboli? i'm in arlington, but will travel for a good stromboli.

by the way, why don't more pizza places make stromboli, too?

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  1. There's a pizza place that makes a decent stromboli at Fairfax City Mall, just west of Pickett Street on Little River Turnpike/Main Street. Also has acceptable pizza by the slice. Can't recall the name right now.

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    1. I think the pizza place by Lord and Taylor in Tysons makes stromboli their pizza is pretty good. It is upstairs by the bead place, forget the name.

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        luciano's? great! i like their pizza.

      2. I like the stromboli and calzones at Faccia Luna. I always ask for extra sauce on the side for dipping.

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        1. BTW because I know you are a big home cook. Martha Stewart's everyday food a couple months ago had a recipe for broccoli stromboli that you make with store bought pizza dough that is really good.

          I forgot about Faccia Luna. I love stromboli too will have to go as I love how reasonably priced they normally are, but think their pizza if it has meat topping is a little salty.

          I know this is awful, but I used to get the stromboli with extra sauce at Mama Sbarros in the Annapolis mall when I worked at the mall. With a cup of extra sauce it wasn't that bad. I hate to think about how bad for me it probably was... Now I make the martha stewart one because I can use low fat cheese and etc and it is still good, but not quite as bad for me.

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            I'll stick my neck out for ya... the stromboli at Sbarros are pretty decent. They aren't going to win any awards, but they'll take care of a craving.

          2. I had a delicious stromboli at Pomodoro's at Fairfax Town Center.


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              I forgot about them. On the pizza side I love the quattro stagioni.

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                steve, in some strombolis, they use "ham." what kind of ham, if you know?

                this place is near the tjmaxx -- that shopping strip?

                ps, the shrimp dish on the home page of their website looks delicioso! thanks for the heads up -- and dennis, too, for the quattro stagioni, one of my faves. prices are very reasonable, to boot!

                1. re: alkapal

                  I don't know much about the ham.... also I don't usually go to this shopping center much.

                  I don't think anything in this area is like you'd get up in Joisey, but Pomodoro's produces a very tasty version.