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Jun 15, 2009 11:31 PM

4-5 meals/cities in one day

im planning a trip at least three of us maybe more will be starting jackson wyoming breakfast will be here. must include flight times. thinking about ending in napa?? very open to suggestions. this is my first thoughts on flight plan-> jackson wy ->boise id-> somewhere in southern oregon-> then one or two cities in northern california. were going for quality of taste, while also recognizing the regions products. help me out with advice very very open other than starting point nothing is set. avg flight speed is 130 so please allow for travel time

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  1. Hi:

    For food recommendations, please post on the applicable boards:

    Pacific Northwest (Oregon)
    Elsewhere in America (Idaho)
    Southwest (Wyoming)

    Please note that advice other than food-related recommendations are beyond the scope of our boards.