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Jun 15, 2009 09:10 PM

Who has the Best CALAMARI?

I love some fried calamari and haven't really found a good spot in LA for this. I've only tried the calamari at Maggianos at the Groove. So where should i go?

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  1. Maria's Italian Kitchen. But tread lightly on the rest of the menu.

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    1. re: Das Ubergeek

      Hey, D.U.

      Based on one of your earlier posts I went to Maria's recently In Sherman Oaks. The calamari was not very good. Rings only, no heads. Completely unseasoned and cooked to a very pale shade of beige. I'm sure that was not what you experienced.

      1. re: Bob Brooks

        Not at all... they've always been crispy and tender. I hope it was just a fluke!

        1. re: Das Ubergeek

          Calimari don't have flukes. Whales have flukes.

    2. Uh... the Peruvians do it better in LA, as far as I can tell. Excellent calamari platter at Mario's, and Puro Sabor is the best damn fried squid in the state, maybe.

      The peruvian-ness is subtle.

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      1. re: Thi N.

        Damn i've eaten at Puro Sabor many times and didnt even realize they had fried squid! Thanks for the heads up. Im gonna have to go tomorrow. Thanks

        1. re: waxfondler

          Mario's has an all-calamari plate.

          I can't remember of Puro Sabor does an all-calamari plate - but it's definitely the major component of the Mountain Which Is Jalea de Mariscos.

      2. I love the fried calamari at Far Niente and at Marino's.

        Far Niente
        204 (and a half) N. Brand Blvd.

        6001 Melrose Ave.

        1. This might be a bit different from what you had in mind, but Vermont in Los Feliz has a wonderful fried calamari salad.....with very nice spicy Asian flavors.

          1. Primativo in Venice has an amazing calamari app that manages to have slight chew, melting tenderness, and crunchy coating all at the same time. a friend i took there for lunch exclaimed on first bite "Damn! now this didn't come off a Sysco truck!"