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Jun 15, 2009 08:27 PM

Really good lemon bars?

I have had a craving for one. Anyone know a place in Manhattan or Brooklyn to get a great, fresh one?

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  1. They used to make the BEST lemon bars at Hill Country, but I haven't seen them on the menu lately. It's worth calling and asking if, by chance, they're making them again.
    I've also had good luck with lemon bars from Murray's Cheese.

    1. Black Hound on 2nd ave across from the church (think that's E10th) - nextdoor-ish to Liquiteria.

      Wonderful lemon bars, but as I'm only a casual indulger I can't say if they're the best or what.

      Fresh? Definitely. Try the apple pie there, take it home and warm it up. It's superlative. Serves two or three.