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Jun 15, 2009 07:52 PM

good eats/music/kid friendly

my family and I will be visiting boston (staying in back bay but looking for recs in all areas) for a few days in july and would appreciate any good recs for restaurants. want to avoid touristy places. would love some recs for some good italian, chinese, mediterranean, indian, whatever! just don't want anything fancy as we will have our two children with us. we prefer cozy, neighborhood restaurants anyway, anything that's quick is also good (like pizza, falafel, that sort of thing). also, if anyone has any info as to any pubs that have an irish session going on ( will be there sat-tues), we would love to know about that too. ahh! and two important requests that will be of great importance to my husband and I while staying in a small hotel room w/ our two sons; a) any good coffee places/breakfast in back bay or south end? b) any pubs that serve a great wheat beer on tap?(any neighborhood reasonbly close by). thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. Tuesdays at 9 and Fridays at 7 (I think) for Irish tunes at the Druid on Cambridge St, Cambridge.

    1. The Burren, Davis Sq in Somerville used to have family time sessions on Saturdays, maybe 3:00 ish or so. I do know you'd want to clear out near 7 or 8:00 when the crowd started to get more students.

      1. Charlie's on Columbus Ave. and Steve's on Hereford St. for breakfast.
        Parish Cafe on Boylston St. for nice sandwiches.
        Anchovie's on Columbus for red sauce Italian (kind of a bar scene later on but cozy).
        India Quality in Kenmore Sq.
        Chili Duck on Boylston, downstairs across from the Pru for Thai.

        You don't say how old the kids are but I think these would be fine.