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Jun 15, 2009 06:47 PM

Best Milkshakes in DC

Anybody know where to get really good milkshakes in DC? Yes, i have been to Good Stuff and done the rounds there. The toasted marshmallow is awesome! What other places serve up shakes of that caliber?

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  1. Zbuger has a huge milkshake menu, the peach is good.

    1. It will be just about impossible to find the equal of the toasted marshmallow, unless you try the Milky Way at Good Stuff as well.

      I like the horchata milkshake at Fairfax Inn, Seven Corners, VA. This is a lunch counter inside a doctor's office building, so I don' t think they are open after about 6 pm. I also love, love, love their Jamaica (sorrel?) milkshake, but this is probably an acquired taste.

      Zburger has a lot of flavors, but nothing special about the quality.

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      1. re: Steve

        ^^I agree about zbuger. Big selection, but nothing "special". I'm dying to try that toasted marshmallow though!

      2. I love the milkshakes at Elevation Burger.

        I've also heard that Ray's Hell Burger ***might*** add milkshakes to their menu, now that they've expanded.

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        1. re: Lori D

          I second Elevation Burger. My personal favorite there is a mix of coffee ice cream, malt, chocolate syrup, and fresh banana.

          1. re: Lori D

            Ray's had milkshakes when I was there in May. They weren't listed on the paper menu, but they were up on the chalkboards at $4.95. I wasn't hungry enough for both a 10 oz burger and milkshake at the time though.

            Potbelly's milkshakes and malts aren't bad. I think Big Buns in Arlington has better, but I don't think either match Good Stuff.

            1. re: mattm

              In my opinion, Elevation Burger shakes are superior to those at Potbelly and Big Buns. It may have something to do with the quality of ice cream that Elevation Burger uses and with the ratio of ice cream to milk. (I haven't tried the shakes a Ray's or Good Stuff.)

              That said, Potbelly shakes aren't bad. And my memory is that they are somewhat cheaper than Elevation Burger shakes -- which might make them a better value.

          2. The Potbelly sandwich chain actually does good shakes and malts.

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              1. re: Bill on Capitol Hill

                yessssssssss. yes yes yes. **drools all over self**

                1. re: Bill on Capitol Hill

                  Agree. So does Trio, an otherwise crappy dinner in Dupont.

                  Since we have a BLT Steak, I wish we'd get a BLT Burger. The Burgers aren't even all that but the milkshakes are awesome.

                2. Love the Key Lime Shake at Elevation Burger