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Jun 15, 2009 06:32 PM

Great Kid-Friendly Foodie Finds Near Storyland?

We are headed up to stay at a condo in Glen, New Hampshire next week. Any must-eat places for a family?

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  1. Let me know what you find, I'm going in July and the only thing that stands out is the Flatbread chain in North Conway (where I'm staying) . Most of the other choices looked pretty basic.

    1. the red parka just down from storyland is very good food with a kids menu or in north conway the muddy moose and the blueberry muffin is the best for breakfast. there is also a railroad theme restaurant on the corner before storyland

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        A friend of mine recommended the Blueberry Muffin as well, so I took my family there for breakfast on our recent Story Land trip. The coffee was good. I would be surprised if any of the rest of it was made fresh - the namesake dish definitely wasn't. It was all edible (except for the hash, which was just horrendous - although admittedly I was biased from the get-go because of its bright purple appearance; can't imagine why it would look like that unless it was made in a factory), but on the whole it was average at best and way overpriced for the quality, IMO.

      2. When I went last year we got take out pizza from The Spaghetti Shack, which is just up the road from Storyland, on rt 302. We didn't try anything else but if I remember correctly the pizza was quite tasty.

        1. We LOVE the Red Foz Grille...Kind of up scale food and also great brunch. They have a kids movie room and toy room!

          Red Fox Bar & Grille
          49 Rte 16, Jackson, NH

          1. Try the Moat Mountain Smokehouse & Brewery; it's one of our favorite stops in North Conway. I second the Flatbread Company also!


            Moat Mountain Smokehouse
            3378 White Mountain Hwy North, Conway, NH

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              I was going to mention the smokehouse as well. That and the flatbread company are where I was going to go on our trip, have to take a look at the others now.

              Having two toddlers, the Red Fox is looking like another choice.