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Jun 15, 2009 06:21 PM

Going Whole Hog?

We are looking to do a pig roast this summer. We are in eastern Fairfield County and need a source for a whole hog - one about 50-60 lbs. dressed. Anyone have any sources?



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  1. Clam Bake Connection in Stamford does them 967-3991, hope this helps, when is the party I might crash it. Have fun!

    1. Are you just looking for a hog or for catering? If the former, you might take a look at Flying Pigs Farm, which delivers whole & half heirloom hogs to various NYC venues. You should be able to make a deal with them for your needs.

      If you're looking for someone to do your barbecue, try Whole Hog Productions

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        My husband recently contacted Flying Pigs trying to order some things for upcoming Labor Day BBQ- we left a message at their farm and have had no reply to his e-mails......strange because them seem to encourage selling direct to the public....

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          My parents have a place up by their farm in Shushan. They stopped by to try and buy and were basically told they send all of their meat to NYC and mostly restaurants. They sell at the Union Square Green Market too.

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            So we received our shipment just in time for the weekend- everything was incredible. The shoulder was large, heavy, and had a thick layer of fat- perfect for the smoker. Ditto on the ribs- I didn't get to try any of the sausages. Their note said they collect online orders for a week, then ship everything out Monday of the following week. Also just read in NY Magazine she is selling leaf lard (the good stuff) pie dough she makes from the pigs.....

      2. La Marqueta has just opened a new meat and veggie store on West Main in Stamford, about two blocks west of El Charrito Taco Truck. (towards ShopRite).. indeed, spotted Carlos of EC doing his shopping there a few days ago.

        You can order a whole pig dressed from their wonderful new butchery. Give them a day heads up. They carriy a wide range of product for the hispanic market... from chicken feet to pig snouts.

        Place exudes great vibes.. It's clean, spacious, and sparkles. a great addition to a bustling strip of shops catering to the latino market.

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          I ended up getting the swine - a 30lb'r - from La Marqueta. Very nice, prompt and affordable.

          Here is the result:

        2. Nice - thanks for the info!

          1. At least one of the place in this story does a pig roast-as for the others would never hurt to ask:
            Backyard barbecue caterers make summer entertaining easy and fun