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Jun 15, 2009 06:03 PM

Gift, now dinner where?


I've been given a bunch of good suggestions for family trip over long weekend in July, again thanks.
Got a card from mother in law today for father's day, and she would like me to use enclosed for a NY meal for family. It would be likely Sunday night, 4 of us - wife and I, 18 and 11 year old - for a special occasion dinner. call it up to $70 pp, I'll sort out bevs, etc. Glad to pay a bit less.
What follows isn't meant to sound whiny, but trying to make a good call:

Mostly interested in good food, cool, welcoming atmosphere. It's a bit of a surprise for other three diners. I don't mind a name restaurant, dressing up a bit, I do mind feeling like a tourist rube - so, prefer less well known and good, vs. "Wow, we're here" and then a lousy time.
Sons are pretty hearty eaters, older one doesn't like sushi much.
Thanks for any help, if too involved a request, I certainly understand.

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  1. paddys9, when you say $70 per person without drinks, are you also including tax and tip in that calculation? It sounds like you want something a little upscale without being too formal, and with generous portions.

    Other than not sushi, do you have any cuisine preferences? Italian, New American, etc? Any particular part of town?

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    1. re: kathryn

      Sorry. On cost, that leaves out tax, tip. We're staying in Midtown East. New American is appealing, as are Italian and French, Latin and Greek, Indian, Middle Eastern and Spanish/tapas. We're likely spending early part of day downtown, so noodles, Chinese will hopefully be covered. Don't mind a cab ride.

      1. re: paddys9

        Babbo sounds like it could be perfect for this, depending on your specifics with regard to price, and whether you are able to get a reservation (it is difficult... do a search).

        1. re: paddys9

          When is your long weekend? If it's around July 4th, Babbo is probably already all booked up.

          1. re: paddys9

            Convivio. $59 for 4 courses. Food is superb, atmosphere is sort of elegant casual. Perfect location if you are in east midtown.

            1. re: rrems

              I was thinking Convivio, but they might prefer the scene at Scarpetta (for some reason I tend to always think of them together).

              For some reason (the recent weather?) July seemed so far away when I was writing about Babbo...

              1. re: rrems

                Exactly what I was thinking when I saw the budget and the location of Midtown East.