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Jun 15, 2009 05:56 PM

New Brunswick and PEI Resturants [moved from Western Canada]

Help I'm from Edmonton and I know nothing about these two provinces. Please give me some suggestions on places to eat in Moncton and PEI. I know about Flex restaurant. I love all type of seafood, but especically oysters and lobster.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. If you search the Canada board there are many threads on these places.....Moncton-Rouge or Little Louis. PEI- Dayboat, Lot 30, Flex mussels, Off Broadway, the Merchantman, the Pilot house, Sironella, the Water prince Corner shop, Cedars Eatery, Simms steakhouse....there is a lot to offer in PEI.

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        Had the Jamaican style and curried mussels at Flex and they were enjoyable. Thanks for all your great advice.

      2. I just had the most delicious and freshest oysters ever at the Oyster Barn in Malpeque. It is VERY small and VERY rustic, but the oysters and mussels were the best I've ever had (and I've spent several summers in PEI). The beach there is also very nice, and free.

        1. PEI - my faves are
          Dayboat - amazing chef here, and lovely patio overlooking the water. Best lobster I have had... ever.
          The Pilot house - great fish and chips, amongst other things...
          Chez Yvonne (in Cavendish) - love the eggs benedict here with lobster. yum.

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            Have you been back to Dayboat since the new chef took over? I had lunch there two weeks ago and just didn' t have the same experience as the past few years. The food was good, but not great.

            1. re: Eatin in Woostah

              I haven't been since the new chef has been there....a drink on the patio just doesn't do. I have heard mixed reviews from locals though...

            2. re: AJMC791

              Hey thanks the advice. We went to Pilot House and had a really great lunch. Didn't order the fish and chips but my steak sandwich was delicious.

            3. In Saint John NB:
              Suwanna is, within Saint John, widely considered the best place in town. A reservation is necessary. It's Thai food in a beautiful old house on the West side of the city. Not at all imbiss-type---this is really well-made food in a semi-formal atmosphere.
              Opera Bistro is good with a variety of inventive, well-made dishes and well-sourced ingredients, too. The owners are really lovely people and certainly their presence adds to the experience.
              In the city market Lord's has good seafood takeaway (or eat in in the market, though it's all takeaway-style) and there's a great Korean spot opposite Lord's.
              Taco Pica on Germain st. has the best south american/ mexican food I've found anywhere (having lived in Toronto, Berlin, Montreal and Oxford). I recommend the Flautas or Fajitas.
              Happinez wine bar is a really nice little spot in the uptown area (Princess st., I think) as well.

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              1. re: thiselizabeth

                I love the 3 places you've mentioned. Specifically for seafood, I have to add Billy's Seafood as the best seafood I've had in the province.

                1. re: cmtaylor

                  Please do not forget Beatty and the Bistro just down the street from Billy's.All the meals are cooked from scratch and all the veggies come from the owners garden.Remarkable is the leg of NB Lamb,the Digby Scallops and the Fish Chowder.All her desserts( (cakes and pies ) are fresh daily and cooked from local produce. Everything is Blueberry right now.Yumm.