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Jun 15, 2009 05:44 PM

Passing thru Pamplona on way to SanSeb, worth stopping for a lunch?

Driving from Barcelona to San Sebastian end of June, thought about stopping off along the way, is Pamplona worth the stop? If not, anywhere else along the route recommended?

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  1. It is absolutely worth the stop. See my post on the following thread:

    1. Pamplona is endowed with truly great places to dine-really depends on what your budget and your time constraints allow.

      High end (with Michelin star and/or Repsol sun):

      Hartza (hearty, ulterly traditional Basque-Navarran fare)

      another high end without the star/sun

      a relatively unknown, newcomer with a fantastic open grill for chuletón, whole fish:
      ***Antonenea (Calle San Antón 48 in the Old Quarter)-my favorite for grilled anything

      for updated classics by a female chef (with lively downstairs NY style pintxos bar)
      Don Pablo (Navas de Tolosa 19, near the Tres Reyes Iruña Palace hotel)

      for a terrific pintxos crawl in the Old Quarter-

      right off the Plaza del Castillo:
      Bar Gaucho (as creative as some of the more famous "miniature haute cuisine" spots in Donostia)

      all of these on Calle San Nicolás:
      Bar Baserri
      Bar Monasterio (below the Europa)
      Bar Iru (great foie)
      Bar La Mandarra de la Ramos

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        The Bar Monasterio, below the Hotel Europa, is not on Calle San Nicolás with the others.
        It's around the corner from Bar Gaucho on Espoz y Mina 11, very near the Plaza del Castillo.

        Great pintxos, though, in Pamplona. It, like Donostia, holds a very serious annual pintxos competition. The pamplonicas love their pintxos and do them up in style.

      2. Are you going for San Fermin (running of the bulls)? My husband works with a guy from Pamplona who says that the best eating in Pamplona is actually not in Pamplona but in the little surrounding pueblos. He says you can have good typical navarran cuisine - and good value for money in the pueblos. One place in particular he recommended is the Posada in Sorauren, which is about 10km outside of Pamplona. Here's the website: He said the chuleton there is good and is only 20 euros. So, it might be worth a shot to compare it with the finer dining places in pamplona - just for the contrast.