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Jun 15, 2009 05:39 PM

Goooooood Mexican for brunch on Father's Day this weekend - south bay

hey guys,
my parents are visiting and my dad is HUUGGEE fan of mexican ... any suggestions on a good place to hit for brunch for father's day this weekend? thanks in adv!

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  1. Not in the south bay, but worth the trip, Picante in Berkeley, right off hwy 80 at Gilman and 6th Street has a spectacular brunch. They make their corn tortillas from fresh masa (not rehydrated masa harina) and the meats are naturally raised and eggs organic. The Mexican hot chocolate is imported from Oaxaca (Mayordomo) and the front and back patios are lovely if it's sunny. If not, they have a spacious dining room and open at 10am.

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      I like Picante as a neighborhood restaurant but no way as a destination from the south bay. There are too many better places in San Francisco or Oakland and perhaps Eat_Nopal has a report down the Peninsula.
      Examples in an rworange list for Yucatan.
      Chilaquiles at Pastores.

    2. Not sure if they serve brunch but La Fiesta and their sister restaurants Fiesta Del Mar and Palo Alto Sol are very good and reasonable.

      1. The only place I know that does brunch is Aqui which may or may not fit the bill. I have had some good dishes there, casual place, but not everything is Mexican

        1. Where did you go? We can make better recs for future inquiries if you report back about what you do and don't like.