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Jun 15, 2009 05:38 PM

Any recommendations for a "stand out" meal in KL? Is Restoran Greenview in PJ still a great place to go?

Thanks to recommendations from Chowhound I visited Restoran Greenview in PJ, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia when I last visited in 2007. My husband and I had the Prawn Sang Har Mee which was absolutely amazing. We also had a great Black Pepper crab dish. That meal remains one of my favourites EVER!

I am returning to KL next week and my brother is also there - first time he has been to Malaysia - and I want to take him for a GREAT meal in KL for his birthday. Prepared to pay up to about $170 Ringgits in total for the meal if I have to (of course being able to spend less is good!!) - my brother loves good food. We don't need to go somewhere "fancy" - its more about having amazing, authentic food!

I was thinking of Greenview because that was the standout meal of my last trip - but that was 2 years ago and I know places can change.

Any advice much appreciated!

thank you!!

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  1. You mean Green View at No. 6 & 8 Jalan 19/3, Petaling Jaya (the one near Rothman's roundabout)? It should still be there - pretty well-known spot for its 'sang har meen'. Call ahead to doulble-check: 03-7958 1076 or 03-7954 9263.

    Check out the dishes to order on this site:

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        Thanks penang rojak - yes that is the one I mean. From the blog it sounds like maybe it has gone downhill a bit and the prices up? wondering if somewhere else is better now? any tips for a great place for a wonderful authentic food experience in KL much appreciated!

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          I can't think of any standout restaurants which would make it worthwhile for you to brave KL's notorious traffic jams for, if you need to traverse the city.

          Perhaps you can also tell us what kind of food you're looking for - are they mainly seafood-based Chinese dishes like those offered by Restoran Green View? If so, a lot of such neighborhood restaurants offer similar dishes (some may have smaller range of dishes). Where in KL are you staying at - that'll help us narrow down the choices to more accessible places to recommend.

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            Thanks Penang Rojak - I'm staying in Bukit Bintang area in Tengkat Tong Shing. Very open to the types of food but something authentic to Malaysia e.g. chinese,, nonya, malay etc. but as my brother is a keen seafood fan then I think this would be best - ie somewhere doing great crab or prawns etc
            tips much appreciated!!
            thank you

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                Thanks Penang Rojak - will take a look!

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                There's another sang har meen place in Imbi called Soo Kee that's very popular with out of town visitors. Also famous for with fried beef horfun noodles. I don't think they do crab though. It's not air conditioned, one notch less fancy than Greenview.
                BTW, it could take an hour from Bkt Bintang to Greenview in early evening rush hour traffic.
                There's a more fancy chinese seafood restaurant in Imbi called Yu Jia, from the Oriental Group. They have fish tanks etc on display and you can pick what you want. I've had prawn noodle soup and lobster fried noodles there before and it was very good. Also decent dim sum (for KL standards). Snack dishes: Deepfried long beans with chicken floss, salt n pepper silver fish.

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                  Thanks KL Foodie!! Think for old times sake I will brave the journey to Greenview - but as I am around for about 5 days I will def check out yu Jia and soo Keen also - sounds wonderful!!

                  1. re: food fascist

                    Address for Soo Kee: 14 Medan Imbi. Closed on Mondays.

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                      great thank you for that KL Foodie :)

      2. I tried Greenview for the first time this week. Located near the iconic "Rothmans Roundabout" of Petaling Jaya - these days turned into a traffic intersection - this restaurant has garnered a rather loyal following with its fresh, albeit not *that* cheap range of seafood, and Cantonese cuisine.

        What Greenview does well: very fresh and high quality seafood and meats, and some really competent cooking. It was so good, in fact, that we actually went there for lunch for three straight days this week!

        What we tried:

        Day One
        - Black pepper beef: tender slivers of beef dressed in cracked black pepper. Very good.
        - Fish-head curry: typical of KL-Chinese style of cooking, the fish-head had been chopped into pieces, and not served whole. The thick piquant curry also contained okra, aubergines and tomatoes. Nice.
        - Sweet-sour chicken: this was well-executed, with chicken coated in light batter and deep-fried crisp, then smothered with tasty tomatoey sauce.
        - Crispy honey squid: superbly light and crisp baby squid, dressed in a soy-honey sauce.
        - Cantonese-style roast chicken: a classic and the version here was juicy on the inside, with paper-thin, crisp lacquered skin. Very good.
        - "Gai lan" cooked two-ways: the leaves were finely julienned then crisp-fried to resemble seaweed, while the fat stems were stir-fried with garlic. Very good.
        - Fried rice with shrimps, scallions, eggs and pork: very tasty rendition, with "wok-hei" and a nice balance of flavours.

        Day Two
        - Crisp-fried garoupa topped with Thai-style shredded green mango, onions and chillis with lime dressing: very addictive spicy, sweet, sour flavours.
        - Lemon chicken: nice variation on their sweet-sour chicken from the previous day (we didn't order pork as we had two business guests from India who eschew eating pig products)
        - Yam basket filled with shrimps: this was an absolutely superb version: good quality yam moulded into a basket-like shape then deep-fried. The yam flavours were perfect - not too sweet - something which some of my fave Cantonese restaurants in Singapore failed to achieve. Stir-fried prawns with celery, onions, capsicums filled the yam basket.
        - Stir-fried mixed vegetables (lotus root, water-chestnuts, celery, black wood-ear fungus, macadamia nuts): a delightful combination of crunchy greens.
        - Fried rice (same as Day One's)
        - Singapore fried noodles: rather stretchy noodles, blandish flavourings. Don't like this. There's no such thing as "Singapore fried noodles" back in Singapore anyway. The KL/Malaysian version usually combines shrimps, pork, beansprouts, julienned carrots and onions in a dark, sweet sauce - *not* the HK-invented curry power-flavoured version of Singapore fried noodles one finds in the US.

        Day Three
        - Stir-fried clams with chilli/black-bean sauce: spicy, sharp flavours.
        - Egg tofu with braised crab-sticks and carrot sauce: strictly for tofu lovers. I found it too bland.
        - Roast chicken with Thai dressing (same as for the garoupa dish from Day Two)
        - Steamed garoupa, Cantonese-style: very fresh fish, dressed in light soy sauce. Nicely-timed steaming technique applied here. But tastewise, the soy dressing was quite one-dimensional.
        - "Gai lan" cooked two-ways (same as for Day One)
        - Crab-meat fried rice: the "normal" fried rice but topped with generous shreds of freshly-steamed crab-meat. Very good indeed, so much so we ordered a second helping!

        Green View Restaurant's specialty dishes were actually crispy ee-fu noodles blanketed by a braised freshwater prawns/ginger/scallions sauce; and whole mud-crabs cooked with salted duck-eggyolks, but we didn't try these. No photos to share - all three days were strictly business lunches.

        Address details
        Green View Restaurant (长青海鲜饭店)
        6 & 8, Jalan 19/3
        46300 Petaling Jaya
        Tel: +603-7958 1076

        1. Finally got round to trying Green View Restaurants much talked-about "sung har mein" (freshwater prawn noodles) today. It consisted of a gigantic roe-filled freshwater prawn, braised with ginger, scallions, Chinese Shaoxing wine, egg and other ingredients, then poured over crisp wok-fried "yee fu" noodles - utterly delicious!

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