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Jun 15, 2009 05:30 PM

Sweetgrass CGY Comes Alive

The other day I went out to the Sweetgrass Market (85th Street and 9th Ave SW), which is being renovated and revitalized by new owner Bob Whitworth (Simple Simon Pies). Progress is fantastic, and the new Sweetgrass should be open within a couple of weeks, just in time for Stampede.

There is still lots of work going on: New displays, ovens, coolers, freezers, and vendor booths. Bob tells me all the new vendors have signed on to make a full house of the Market. He says we can expect to see (of course) Simple Simon Pies, Meals to Go, authentic Greek Food, Soups, an Ice Cream Shop, Indian food, Honeys, Seafood, a Butcher, Florist, a Bakery, lots of Produce ... and much more.

Good luck, Bob. We really need a nice place there.

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  1. Thanks for the update BG. I stopped in there a couple of weeks ago and it was pretty chaotic with all of the construction going on. The manager (?) Anne Lambert informed me of some new vendors going in but your list is a little more comprehensive. I am looking forward to the changes and hope this place succeeds. By my guestimation, the tea shop, the candy store and Valta Bison are the only three original vendors still around.

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      1. Well, Sweetgrass Market wasn't quite alive this Saturday, but Bob tells me it will be a' rockin' next Saturday when they are doing a breakfast for everyone. It sure was busy, though, with lots of work still going on, and most vendors almost ... almost ready. Going there next Saturday again to see for myself. Hope the promise comes true.

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          FYI...They have changed the name from Sweetgrass Market to Westside Farmers Market. I was there on the weekend and the place was buzzing. It is great to see the transformation of this once nearly dead space.

          1. re: DeeDub

            I am not as optimistic as others about this place.

            1. re: kelownaceliac

              ya i don't think that painting grape vines all over the place counts as a great reno.
              This space is such a sad story... what a poorly managed launch, and now under new ownership i just don't think the energy is there.

              and there is still not much to buy... except the curry take out, it is pretty yummy.

            2. re: DeeDub

              So is it really a "Farmer's Market"? or just using the phrase to peddle the same items as all the other "Farmer's Markets" in town (Currie comes to mind immediately).

              I visited Sweetgrass shortly after it originally opened. It was so pathetic, I haven't gone back. I do wish the current owners/management luck; I suspect that they will need it.

              1. re: tex_in_yyc

                "Food Court" doesn't have that same ring.