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Chicken and Turkey: Another semi-scientific survey.

What's your preference- white or dark? Skin or no skin? Baked, broiled, (deep) fried, or Bar-B- Que, smoked- or some other way? Another semi-scientific survey. Thank you.

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      1. re: Doctormhl1

        Duck is all dark meat.

        I prefer dark meat in general, especially a nice braise or confit. Smoked is nice too. Skin a plus.

        1. re: babette feasts

          Nice comeback babette. But skin is an afterthought on duck? Have you quacked up?

          1. re: Sal Vanilla

            Ha, maybe. In truth, I can only eat duck skin if as much of the subcutaneous fat as possible has been rendered out - that 1/4 inch layer on a duck breast is more than I can handle. Its weird, but I can handle melted fat like confit more than solid fat.

            Definitely like the skin on chix/turkey, gotta fight with the brothers to get my share at family dinners.

    1. Dark, skin on, roasted or grilled.

      1. smoked or chinese roasted duck, smoked or roast chicken, smoked or deep-fried turkey. prefer dark meat. fave part of chicken: thighs.

        oh, and --- most definitely -- SKIN ON! (mmmm, crispy duck skin!!!!)

        1. Duck followed goose followed by pigeon, for preference. Followed by just about any other flying thing you can mention before I get to chicken & turkey.

          But to answer the actual questions - chicken/skin/roasted.

          1. Chicken. Thighs. Skin on or off. Baked, roasted, BBQ, never smoked.

            1. I prefer chicken over turkey. Dark meat. Unless it is Thanksgiving or on a sandwich. If I had to eat chicky on Thanksgiving I would feel pouty. I also prefer turkey breast sandwiches, unless, of course, it is a post Thanksgiving turkey sand - in which case it requires dark meat, stuffing, mashed taters (not the sweet taters), cranberry and gravy all squarshed between thirsty slabs of potato bread.

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              1. re: Sal Vanilla

                there is nothing finer on earth than the post Thanksgiving turkey sand

              2. Chicken. Dark. Roasted. If you don't want the chicken skin, can I have yours too?


                1. Chicken
                  Extra skin please.

                  1. Listed from best to worst:
                    Smoked turkey
                    Roasted turkey
                    Roasted chicken
                    Smoked chicken
                    Fried chicken
                    Bbq chicken
                    Fried turkey
                    All white meat w/skin...I hate dark meat.

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                    1. re: stricken

                      This is the perfect list, with the singular exception that I would switch bbq chicken and fried chicken.

                    2. White meat
                      No skin (unless fried)
                      Chicken: BBQ'd // Turkey: Deep fried


                      1. Chicken/skin/roasted

                        But like others, duck is in first place.

                        1. Mmmm...duck's good. We had roasted duck in a red wine and plum sauce for Christmas last year and I still get flashbacks! I'm not a fan of Chinese crispy duck, though but I've had masala duck at my local Indian restaurant and it was divine!

                          As for chicken, for me, nothing beats the taste of rotisserie chicken cooked on a spit but oven-roasted comes a close second, especially when marinated with herbs, lemon and spices.

                          Roast turkey is fine but I can easily live without it...

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                          1. re: Paula76

                            Rotisserie chicken - now you're talking!

                            There's a place we visit in Mallorca (Soller) which has a small shop doing nothing but take-away rotisserie. The smell wafting out over the plaza is fantastic. I can get very, very greedy - whole chicken; rip it apart with bare hands; dip in aioli. Some sliced peppers and crusty bread to dunk as well. Nice siesta afterwards.

                            1. re: Harters

                              Sounds like the smell of my childhood to me back in Argentina...There was one big rotisserie with about 30 spits turning the whole day and you could just get the addictive waft as soon as you walked out the door. It was irresistible...Is there any other way of eating it than with your bare hands? Protocol goes out of the window when faced with such a beauty!

                          2. Turkey breast, chicken thighs...in that order.

                            BBQ and deep fried are my favorite preparations, though I don't eat as much fried as I'd like...I swore off stretch pants in the 80s.

                            1. Tandoori chicken, dark & white.
                              Minced meat chicken kabobs, dark.
                              Fried chicken, dark.

                              1. Duck, Goose, Turkey, Chicken, in that order.
                                Dark meat. Roasted, skin on. Fried, skin on. Confit. Broiled (chicken thighs/legs). Boiled, pulled, and added to a crispy salad made from fried glass noodles with ginger, soy, and watercress.

                                Not a fan of smoked bird (I've already received grief about this in previous posts, but I don't like my birds tasting like ham. Period.)

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                                1. re: Caralien

                                  does anything smoked taste like ham to you? not giving grief, just curious.

                                  1. re: alkapal

                                    BBQ doesn't taste like ham to me, neither does smoked gouda.

                                    1. re: Caralien

                                      okey dokey. ;-).
                                      i think many times, if people have had a certain dish (like smoked chicken) and it was done in a poor way (e.g., way too much smoke, or dry, or whatever), that the experience ruins any future taste tests, where they might find a better-executed version that changes their mind. i guess i just can't understand how a great piece of smoked chicken isn't loved by one and all. different strokes for different folks, right? and...as we say in our household, "i'm glad you don't like it, 'cause that leaves more for me!" ;-D.

                                      of course, i also love smoked ribs, smoked fish, smoked smoke. (now that sounds weird, huh?). say "smoke" too much and the word starts to sound strange. ok, alkapal, focus here.....

                                2. Chicken, white meat w/bone and skin, roasted (to a slightly lower temperature than the gov't tells me to). Fried is good too.

                                  1. Dark, preferably thigh. roasted or fried. skin on.