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Jun 15, 2009 04:53 PM

Cheap eats/good food in Soho/West Village

Hello, My family and I are staying in Soho for 30 days and we are having a difficult time finding good, reasonably priced food! Can anyone help? We love all types of food! Also, still searching for a fresh (baked that day) muffin, I am tired of paying $3.00+ for stale muffins....any suggestions! Thanks!

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  1. Hmm, not sure NYC is a big muffin town -- where did you go? The random muffins you see wrapped individually in plastic wrap at delis leave much to be desired.

    There are a host of good bakeries nearby Soho. Did you try Oro, Balthazar Bakery, Aroma, Taralluci e Vino inside of Alessi, Ceci Cela, Le Pain Quotidien, Local, or Once Upon A Tart? Where have you been so far?

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      Once upon a tart is right across the st. from our apt. so yes, we've tried that many times and always the same not so fresh muffin. I think I will take the other Chowhounder's advice and trek to Brooklyn to a place called Blue Star Bakery. Thanks!

      1. re: Annie G

        My friend went to the newly opened Locanda Verde's Bakery (the restaurant opened a little while ago but the bakery portion just opened). The baked goods are done by the ex-pastry chef from Craft (I've had her desserts before and was thrilled when she finally landed somewhere). Anyway, my friend said the bakery was fantastic. And yes, they have muffins.

    2. Jack's Coffee in the West Village has great muffins from Blue Sky Bakery in Brooklyn. (Or at least he used to, I moved to Brooklyn and now I get the muffins at the source.) The bran ones are my favorite.
      As for soho, how cheap are you talking? There is lots of good, reasonable food in Chinatown, which isn't far. I'm a fan of Il Corallo Trattoria which has lots of reasonable pasta options. Also Snack on Thompson for Greek (some options more reasonable than others), Italian sandwiches at Alidoro on Sullivan (they aren't super cheap but they are huge), and pizza at the Grand Daisy Bakery on Sullivan.

      1. I live in the Soho/Nolita area and here are my favs:
        Cafe Habana (Prince/Elizabeth) the BEST Cuban food and super cheap-expect a wait, Pepe Rosso to go (Sullivan btwn Prince/Houston) for cheap but really good italian, Cubana Cafe (Thompson btwn Prince/Spring) super cute great food, get the stuffed seafood pepper it's insanely good,
        Ivo & Lulu,(Spring btwn 6th/Varick) upscale organic, my all time fav in the city. It's BYOB but expect a wait.
        Daruma (Mott btwn Spring/Prince) awesome yakitori, squid ball and rice stick is superb

        And in case you don't know, is a rad site, I use it religiously!
        Good luck!!!