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Jun 15, 2009 04:36 PM

Latest Puebla and Cuernavaca recs?

Thanks for all the great info already on this board - we are heading to Cuernavaca and Puebla at the end of June and wondered if anybody has "must do" or new culinary experiences to pass along in either city.

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  1. This may be stale news if you have done some homework, but a Sunday brunch at Las Mananitas in Cuernavaca is a "must do".
    The drive between the two cities provides a captivating view of "Popo" from different angles; I hope you catch it on a clear day.

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    1. re: Veggo

      To be honest, I think we are well set with the encyclopedic info already posted. Just looking for anything recent. Anybody know how La Purificadora in Puebla rates (for food)?

      Thanks for the brunch rec. We are in Cuernavaca from Fri thru Weds so that will be on the list.

      1. re: NYCTechy

        I had a mid-week brunch 2 years ago at Villa Bejar in Cuernavaca that was very good. The food was good to very good and the setting in an interior courtyard quite pleasant and relaxing. The variety of hold, cold, sweet and savory dishes was good, plus you could get eggs and/or quesadillas made to order. Loved the selection of mixed juices they had and some of the savory dishes were really top notch (and spicy <gg>). Since it was mid-week there were a lot of local businessmen having working meetings. The Villa Bejar is a unique Moorish-style compound in the northern part of Cuernavaca. The grounds are lovely and you'll be encouraged to stroll around them . Service was attentive but not overly so.

        That same trip I also had Sunday brunch at the clubhouse at the Tabachine golf course. Tabachine is a gated community, but I think as long as you tell the guards you're going to the brunch they let you pass, or at least that's what we did and I don't think the family I was with were club members. This ,too, is a pretty lavish spread. The fruit display was terrific and the fruit was juicy, sweet and refreshing. Hot selections ranged from tongue in salsa verde to costillas to omelets made to order, with a couple varieties of albondigas and everything in between. The dining room is on the upper deck and is open on 3 sides allowing for nice breezes and a great view of the well tended golf course. Given the mild weather in Cuernavaca the al fresco dining at Tabachine makes and easy and restful way to spend the day.

        Brunch at Villa Bejar was $200 pesos in 2007. I don't know what the cost was at Tabachine as I was taken as a guest. I think the food was a tad better at Villa Bejar but both were very good. And, if it's important to you, both of these places are not exactly on the tourist trail and cater mostly to locals. I was the lone non-Mexican at Tabachine and my small group was the only non-Mexican group as well.

        1. re: DiningDiva

          We are not religious about avoiding fellow tourists, but don't want to miss out on good stuff by following only the beaten path. Thanks very much for the pointers.

          1. re: NYCTechy

            NYC Techy,

            We're in Puebla for the next week and trying to get the most out of our eating dollars and hours.

            Curious if you ended up at La Purificadora, and how it was, and whether there was anything else you might be able to recommend.


    2. My absolute favorite restaurant in Mexico is in Puebla- 'Meson Sacristia de la Compania'. It's actually a really original boutique hotel, but their restaurant is also well-known. The decor of the place is very unique and colorful, and they serve wonderful traditional dishes. All the decorations and antique furtniture in the hotel (in the rooms and in the restaurant part) is for sale, which also makes it very interesting. It's very central as well, very near the zocalo.