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Jun 15, 2009 04:26 PM

Las Vegas / Planet Hollywood

Is there any place worth eating in the hotel itself, or the shopping center next door? Staying there in a couple weeks for a friend's birthday. We have the Saturday night celebration dinner set, so my main concern is a casual place that can accomodate a group of 10 or so for Friday night. Also willing to walk to one of the neighboring casinos, so that adds MGM Grand and Paris into the mix, if my strip geography is correct, but would prefer not to have to take a cab. Italian, Mexican, or a burger/brewpub type place would all work. Thanks.

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  1. Unfortunately I am not well acquainted with the restaurants at Planet Hollywood. There is a Cheeseburger in Paradise in the Miralce Mile Shops but it is nothing special. Over at Paris Mon Ami Gabi has great food and not to expensive. I don't think that they take reservations though so a party of 10 might be a problem. In the other direction at MGM Grand there is a Wolfgang Puck's Bar & Grill. Casual atmosphere, not too pricy but everything I've had there is solid. The potato chips with bleu cheese sauce are great. Good luck.

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      Koi, upstairs in PH is one of the better Sushi restaurants in Vegas.

      1. Strip Steak is awesome. MGM walking distance? Longer than it seems...

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          Believe me, I know - in Vegas "across the street" can be a 30 minute walk.

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            i agree, in the summer heat.. MGM is hardly walkable..

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              Take a cab there in the evening before meal when it is still hot. Walk back - not as hot after the sun goes down and you'll be able to walk off your meal.

            2. Koi is a very good Japanese restaurant. Not quite on the level of Okada or Nobu, but very good. Strip Steak is quite good, too. Again, not the best steak place in Las Vegas, but if you're looking for something in the hotel...


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                That would be Strip House in the Planet Ho.

                Strip Steak in Mandalay Bay.

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                  You are correct. I meant Strip House.