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Jun 15, 2009 04:16 PM

Dinner in Bellevue

4 guys, 1 dinner, nothing romatic. Any recs?

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    1. Bis on Main or Maggiano's fit the bill. Good food and good service. One is a chain the other isn't.

      1. I would suggest Ginza (on Main St in old Bellevue) for Japanese food that is more focused on izakaya style items but has excellent sushi and the ramen is pretty good too. Or, Mediteranean Kitchen for A LOT of good food and A LOT of garlic (nothing kills romance like that much garlic). Or, one of the steak places - Daniel's Broiler or Ruth Chris's would seem like very manly dining atmospheres.

        1. Taphouse has a varied menu...something for everyone. And a beer list that will satisfy the mostly manly of men. Joey's will have a little eye candy for your group.

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            We actually ended up at Taphouse because we could walk from our hotel. Sushi sampler was mediocre but not bad, the ribs were actually really good, they didn't fall off the bone, they had a good bite to them. The French fries were a hit at the table, perfectly cooked. 2 of the guys got fish and they both sucked. Way over cooked, greasy, ugh! How do you not know how to cook fish in the Northwest? Either way, cool place, good for a group of guys.

          2. FYI its easy to find places in Bellevue they will all like. Downtown as more choices than most cities. From chain to up scale. I suggest you head toward and order the "FISH" and "Oysters" Matts is just 5 miles away in Redmond. But most Young Guys will like bar hoping, so go to Kirland a few miles north then walk around or Downtown Seattle 15 miles away.