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Jun 15, 2009 03:53 PM

Western NC -Dillsboro-Sylva Area

Need recs for good & inexpensive ( less than 20) rests (inc ethnic) in this area , also Waynesville , Cherokee and Franklin. Just cam back from Nick & Nate's Pizza in Waynesville- Pizza was delicious !


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  1. There is a soda shop across the street from the train station in Dillsboro that makes "real" shakes. They may not be dinner but they are certainly refreshing on a hot day. The picture below is the store front.

    1. A friend raves about Anthony's in Bryson City for pizza. Other than that, I've got nothing.

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        Cafe Rel in Franklin - in a gas station, but a nice restaurant inside and very good!

        LuLus in Sylva.

      2. In Waynesville there are many options. Los Amigos is very good for Mexican. Ceviche on Main Street is very good. We also like Sweet Onion, which can be inexpensive depending on what you order. Their specials are usually pretty expensive, but their regular menu is pretty reasonable. For lunch Whitmans Bakery is good and the Apple Crate is, too.
        Annie's Bakery in Sylva is good for baked goods and lunch. Lulu's on Main Street in Sylva is also very good.
        We like the BBQ restaurant in Dillsboro and if you go, you really should order the birch beer. It's fabulous!
        As far as Cherokee, if you find any good food there, please let us know! We usually pack a picnic lunch when we're heading in that direction.