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Jun 15, 2009 03:49 PM

Still lamenting closure of L'Entrecote (1st Ave & 57th/58th St.) Suggestions for a substitute?

I adored the French Bistro L'Entrecote, Inc on 1st avenue, between 57th & 58th. For anyone who hadn't been there it was a charming, very narrow restaurant that was in the neighborhood around 40 years with a small unchanging menu ( I loved the owner Jean-Paul and his fellow server who I mistakenly thought for many years was his wife...I think after years of working together they just seemed like a couple.

While I completely understand Jean-Paul's desire to retire and applaud his not transferring the restaurant to someone else to meddle with the food and service, I can not find an adequate substitute. I live in Greenwich Village and still ate there at least twice a month, so am willing to go anywhere in the city. My favorite dish was the L'Entrecote steak with dijon mustard sauce. I know Le Relais de Venise L'Entrecote has opened in NY and I have not been yet. Ideally I am seeking comparable food and atmosphere to Jean-Paul's L'Entrecote. If anyone else is just missing the restaurant as much as me, would love to hear your reminiscing as well!

Thank you!

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  1. I too remember Jean-Paul and L'Entrecote fondly. Although cramped, and unchanging, it was never empty.

    He would refer to my partner and myself as "M. le docteur and M. le professeur", although we weren't. And he would always sing 'La Marseillaise' while refilling the after-dinner drinks.

    1. Try the Veau D'or on 60th and Lex. It is exactly what you looking for...ancient, unchanging, quirky and good.

      Only downside is that it was recently featured on No Reservations, so it has gotten busier.

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        Thank you for the suggestion! Will do so this week.

      2. The BEST escargot ever...! And salad, and the veal'entrecote! In retrospect, the very best of everything Jean-Paul served! Oh God, after a 6 year absence down south, was devastated to learn he closed....he's why I came back to New York!! PLEASE, if anyone knows where/how and if he's still cookin',,please advise!!

        1. I do not recommend Le Relais de Venise though I think their house wine is a great value.