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Jun 15, 2009 02:52 PM

Brunch at Bazaar

I have been wanting to try brunch at the Bazaar, ever since they started doing it. We both love eggs and so many of the egg dishes sounded intriguing. Although, I don’t consider Bazaar a 4 star restaurant (Irene’s rating from the LA Times), I do like the vibe, innovation, fun and flavor combinations. At brunch, we were one of the few deuces – most tables were either 4’s and even 6’s and 8’s.

Eggs Benedict “new way”, Serrano Ham – The eggs are poached in a cryovac machine at 63 degrees for about 40 minutes. Some of the ham slices had been crisped so the texture of the crunchy ham with the runny egg was wonderful. It was served on toasted bread. I am not sure what the foam /saucing was.

Savory Spanish Torrijas, Iberico ham, egg 63, Idiazabal cheese – Torrijas is similar to French toast, but with the addition of the cheese, there was a pronounced savory taste, bordering on an incredible grilled cheese sandwich. Gorgeous and luscious Iberico ham was draped over the torrijas and then topped with an egg.

A gift from the chef – Wagyu beef Philly Cheesesteak – air bread filled with oozing cheese and topped with Wagyu beef

12 Tiny Eggs Sunny side up – Huevos a la Cubana “Andy garcia”
This was absolutely sensational – a crsipy rice cake was topped with 12 fried quail eggs, crispy shavings of jamon Serrano, dabs of an intense, spicy tomato puree and topped with some diced chives.

Fresh Kumamoto oysters, lemon, black pepper – absolutely delicious

Bloody Mary – the base is a mix of tomato juice, vodka, Worcestershire, lime juice, salt and pepper. It is topped with celery-wasabi foam that is created by loading wasabi-infused lime juice and celery puree into a CO2 canister. Normally, I don’t drink mixed drinks, but this was well-worth ordering, although expensive at $16.00

For my husband, another order of Eggs benedict.

Foie Gras, Quince, Brioche

A thoroughly enjoyable meal and one that I would repeat in a heartbeat.

Pics here:

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  1. "The eggs are poached in a cryovac machine at 63 degrees for about 40 minutes."

    63 degrees? Are you sure about that?

    Other'n that, my mouth is literally watering. Is it hard to get in on Sundays? Was it packed?

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      1. re: fooddude37

        Sorry about that - yes 63 degrees celsius - didn't have any problem with a brunch reservation at all and no it wasn't packed.

        1. re: lizziee

          Isn't that pretty close to a simmer? I would think it would cook much quicker than that.

          Cryovac? You mean sous vide? Eggs sealed in a cryovac?

          1. re: foodiemahoodie

            Ryan, our waiter said cryovac - I am guessing that the eggs are sealed in cryovac and then cooked at 63 degrees Celsius - I think you are probably right that it is sous vide - However, this is a guess on my part.

            1. re: foodiemahoodie

              No, I've seen this done. The eggs are simply put whole into the immersion circulator. The server may have been mistaken seeing as how nearly everything cooked in a circulator is cryovac-ed first. Water starts simmering at about 82 degrees celsius. The eggs are cooked at 63 for an hour and then held at slightly below that temperature for service, probably about 58 or so.