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Jun 15, 2009 02:42 PM

Veggie/Vegan restaurants

Looking for new restaurants to try in the valley/westside/pasadena. I know I can get veggie at sushi/chinese restaurants, but looking for more suggestions.

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  1. Vinh Loi tofu in Reseda. More than just tofu (krab,shicken) and totally vegan. 18625 Sherman Way.

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    1. re: hounddog

      AND vin loi tofu is amazingly cheap.
      one can order practically everything on the menu and eat for hours without going broke.
      (something that i've done on more than one occasion)

    2. That's a pretty broad area!

      RFD (Real Food Daily) in Santa Monica, also in West Hollywood
      There's a vegetarian Indian place on Wilshire in Santa Monica, blanking on name but it should be easy to google
      Vegan Delight in West Hollywood
      Literati Cafe in Brentwood (corner of Wilshire and Bundy) is pretty veggie-friendly and tasty for lunch or a casual dinner. They also have a nice restaurant attached, Literati, but I don't know what the menu is like.

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        I am a non-Vegan, non-vegetarian who just spent a whole weekend eating Vegan food. I went to:
        Vinh Loi-I had been there before, very good, the Vegan guest said great fake meat, she liked the fake ham dishes also fake BBQ duck. Their spicy seafood soup is good too, although I like the various buns and spring rolls (the ham is best I think). The bahn cuon (chicken and shrimp) was not very good, so I'd skip that.
        Rahel-Vegan Ethiopian. I thought that this was good, maybe not as good as Meals by Genet or Messob (cook used to work at Messob I think) but close. Vegan sambusa was standout

        Flore Cafe for breakfast, had Vegan breakfast burrito, quite good, much better than Vegan frittata. A lemon cupcake from there was very good I thought.

        *Native Foods-Westwood. I had the Vegan portabella and sausage burger and tried their BBQ chicken sandwich (which everyone apparently recommends). The BBQ chicken sandwich was really great, mine was not that bad either although I am not a big fan of pesto which came on it. I LOVED the french fries and sweet potato fries (that were better than the counter). Vegan cheesecake seemed only so so to me, and pricey although I have not had it before.

        1. re: noshie

          at native foods, i recommend the rockin Moroccan bowl.

      2. Just ate today at vinh loi in reseda. very good.

        Real Food Daily (only know of the santa monica locale) - good stuff too.

        follow my heart in valley is a diner - but good...

        1. you probably know most of these, but since you don't list any you've exhausted, try:
          hugo's in noho or weho
          madeline's in tarzana
          cabbage patch
          a votre sante and/or sante la brea
          greenleaf chop shop (not everyone loves it, but i think it's fresh and fast and tasty)
          california vegan
          ...for a few with good options...