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Jun 15, 2009 02:26 PM

Old Montreal Resto On St. Paul

A couple of years ago I had an excellent dining experience at a resto on St. Paul in Old Montreal. It is a french bistro-type resto – about three or four blocks east of St Laurent. It is on the north side and is an unassuming place run by (I think) a husband and wife. The front of the resto is large windows overlooking the street; they only have about 8 tables. I had their bouillabaisse and it was to die for. I don’t think it was a BYOB, but not sure. Does anyone know what is the name of this place??

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  1. hmmm... the place, now closed, next door to Olive et Gourmando? It was very small, unassuming, with a window on the street. That would be around - what? - St Paul O. and St Pierre?

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      O&G is several blocks west of St-Laurent not east....

    2. Wrong direction, but could it have been Bouchées Gourmandes? This place is run by an older couple from France. They have since moved north to Bernard in Outremont...

      1. Thanks for the ideas. My SO says I am wrong in my directions. The place is a few blocks east of McGill, west of St. Laurent on St. Paul. She says it is the name of a flower (in French).

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          The place next to O&G was called Rose Blanche.

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            Yeah Rose Blanche - that was the name. a nice little place. closed in 08, right?

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              I think it opened in early summer 06, I had wiener schnitzel when I first went ;
              it never really took off, was often empty at peak times.
              The decor was very pretty and quaint.

        2. Thanks for all your help. It was indeed the Rose Blanche. I guess we might have been some of their last customers - the place was not busy when we went. Too bad - another casualty of Montreal's cut-throat resto scene. Again, many thanks for the updating