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Jun 15, 2009 02:20 PM

My visit to Fish and Farm

We tried this for Dine About Town last Thursday. Between the four of us that evening, we all enjoyed our meal and can honestly recommend this place to others. The dishes were all solid. Although the menu was quite small, the chef has perfected it. Dine About Town menu had no choices at all. It was pole bean salad, halibut or salmon, cookies and cream panna cotta for $39.95 including tax and tip~ Nice deal!. Two out of four did DAT and the other 2 ordered off the regular menu. The regular menu was also reasonably priced.

Our amuse was a mozarella shooter. It was like a whipped mozarella tasting foam with a bit of basil oil. I would add maybe a little bit of tomato puree on the bottom for a deconstructed caprese amuse. For starters, the mac and cheese with ham hocks was delish -creamy, gooey and rich! The corn chowder was the best corn chowder. It had fresh shucked roasted corn with a generous drizzle of olive oil as a garnish. Pole Bean salad was like a green bean casserole but cold - creme fraiche, crunchy fried onions, perfectly cooked beans. Yum! The Salmon or Halibut over wilted romaine and port sauce was cooked perfectly. The fish had a nice crust, but still moist and flaky. Fish and chips were standard - although tasty, nothing spectacular; but still good. I also tasted the fried chicken. The crunchy skin was a bit on the salty side but the juicy chicken was flavorful. The chicken was served with corn madeleines, a super tabasco-ey butter, and some mash taters. After such a stellar meal, we were looking forward to dessert. Unfortunately, it was a bit of a let-down. Hockey puck like brownie cookies were too over done and the oreo cookie panna cotta was just ok. The cheese plate was ok - 2 cheese varieties served with toast points, walnuts, honey and some swettened cherries.

Overall - I would return to try their other dishes. What's unique about this place is their idea of an all inclusive price - tax and tip is included. It made splitting the bill really easy. It's also nice to know they support their local fisheries and farms. They say that they get all their meats, fish and produce within a 100-mile radius of the restaurant. Go Fish and Farm!

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  1. Thanks for posting!! I was considering going there before the ACT show this weekend but will definitely do so based on your recommendation. Looking forward to trying it out.

    1. "They say that they get all their meats, fish and produce within a 100-mile radius of the restaurant."

      not sure how it is possible to get salmon within 100 miles of the bay area right now....All commercial salmon fishing in CA is closed until April 2010:

      The website refers to 'most' fish, meat and produce as being local:

      I am hoping that salmon was not farmed, wherever it was from, as F and F has had a commitment to sustainable seafood, at least in the past.

      I've eaten there a few times, once for DAT last year, and for the most part have enjoyed my meals. I do like the tax and tip policy, which I think is new since I dined there.

      Fish and Farm
      339 Taylor Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

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        F&F got a new chef this month, so a few things may have changed.

      2. Our DAT experience was so different from 2009, I felt I was eating in a completely different restaurant. And not an evening of fine dining that was worth $65 per person. It seemed the restaurant has run out of steam.

        My husband had a before dinner drink and we shared a bottle of wine.

        Soup or salad-the wedge salads with blue cheese dressing and bacon bits were 1/2 the size of the salad served to non-DAT diners and the dressing was sparse.

        Beef or Salmon-my husband had the beef which came with mashed potatoes on the bottom, fresh salad greens in the middle and a tough little piece of meat on the top. Having fresh greens on top of warm potatoes seemed to be an odd combination. My salmon was okay but had a strange salty vegetable puree underneath with a small side of sauteed napa cabbage...another weird pairing of tastes

        Dessert was an unimaginative serving of vanilla ice cream-maybe 1/2 cup with a sprinkling of some crunchy chocolate on didn't fill the little jar in which it was served.

        Coffee was served lukewarm and had to be sent back. No refill offers until we were getting ready to leave. Service was uneven, one waiter for maybe half the restaurant? taking the orders, bus boys refilling water glasses and multiple strangers bringing the food from the kitchen. The tax was added to the price of the menu items before the bill was presented...there is a sign on the podium at the entrance that this is being done for the good of the patron.

        If DAT is an event to bring return customers, Fish and Farm didn't get it.

        Fish and Farm
        339 Taylor Street, San Francisco, CA 94102