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Jun 15, 2009 02:20 PM

Romantic Seattle/Eastside 25th Anniversary Dinner???

We just relocated to Trilogy/Redmond, WA from CA. Therefore are clueless to everything in the state, So please tell us something about anything and everything even the PRIME CARD opnion and opinions of places thatmight be any good?? We have been using the Prime Card, in hopes of to save a buck. So got any ideas??

In-addition, we have the big 25th anniversary coming up next week. My lovely wife is a real Foodie, therefore likes places like The Herbfarm & French Laundry by Thomas Keller in Napa $300 PP. Which we have been too many times and can afford that for this important day. So we are looking for anything as good or better. Please rate all the flowing in anything you suggest. Romantic, European, Californian, View, and FOOD within an hour or less of Redmond.

We have been to The Herbfarm years ago on vacation, Cost me over $2000 for table of 4, but is was worth it, becuase she loved it. Is it still as good, or is there anything better anywhere??

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  1. Try the chef's tasting menu with wine at Chez Shea in Pikes Market. I've been to Herb Farm and loved it, but for a great view and romantic atmosphere and menu, Chez Shea can't be beat.

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      I second Chez Shea, ljohaines. It's tried and true, been around for years and still draws the clientele.

    2. I've not been to the Herbfarm yet (cannot wait to when I've got the $$$$ and the reason), so I cannot speak to it. Other ideas that immediately come to mind include:

      Cafe Juanita

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        all good choices, although if creative food is what floats her boat, i would reserve seats at the bar at Crush (right in front of the chefs and the kitchen action) and get the tasting menu-- tell them it's your 25th anniversary and they might even slip you an extra dish or two

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          Hey barleywino - we miss you! Canlis has a new chef now and you would be shocked at how good it now is. One of the most envelope pushing menus I've had in Seattle. Too bad they lost their pastry chef.

          1. re: Lauren

            wow, that is interesting news-- thanks for the update!

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              Is the new menu shown on the Canlis website?

              1. re: equinoise

                The current tasting menu is on the web site. But it's my understanding that it changes often.

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                  Tasting menu looks quite interesting, with understated descriptions. What did you have that pushed the envelope?

            2. re: barleywino

              I don't find Crush romantic for a 25th anniversary dinner. Loud and crowded place. Parking is a royal pain and the food is okay but not stellar.

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              These are the 3 best choices - all are fabulous. One more place I'd consider is Union downtown.

            4. The Barking Frog (next door to the Herbfarm) is good but I don't think it sounds like it fits your needs. I have not heard much about the Herbfarm since Jerry Traunfeld left to start up Poppy in Seattle (which I liked a lot but I wouldn't say it is very romantic). I would say that Cafe Juanita would be pretty ideal for you guys. It is superb food in a quaint setting and impeccable service. I have heard Cafe Juanita's chef/owner Holly Smith compared to Alice Waters on several occasions if that helps you. I have eaten 5 meals at Cafe Juanita and have thoroughly enjoyed it each time.

              And a place that would not be good for your anniversary but is near to you and is very good would be Pomegranate Bistro.

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                1. i happen to think the tasting menu at the bar at Crush is better than Herbfarm, and better value, but since you seem to be so set on Herbfarm, why not just go back there?

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                    Barleywino, please feel free to suggest anything. We are open minded and will be going out a lot.

                  2. Check out Canlis. The tasting menu I had recently was fantastic and it truly is an occasion-worthy restaurant.

                  3. I totally agree with the other posters about Canlis (view), Herbfarm (experience), Chez Shea (romantic), Crush (food) and I'd like to add another Seattle institutions. Rover's in Madison Park has consistently had amazing food approaching the Thomas Keller class. Their website will give you a good idea of menu & price (high). Alternatively on the semi-foodie front, the Salish Lodge has good food and you can stay the night in a wonderful atomosphere.