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Jun 15, 2009 02:19 PM

Mexican Cookbooks

Can anyone recommend a good Mexican cookbook? I am looking for one which is authentic yet still uses ingredients which are somewhat common.


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  1. Diana Kennedy, The Art of Mexican Cooking

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    1. re: Gail

      Ditto. And "The Essential Cuisines of Mexico," which combines her first three books in a single volume.

    2. Rick Bayless's Mexican Kitchen or Mexican Everyday. Bayless does a wonderful job of teaching the basic techniques of Mexican cooking. All his recipes have variations so you can easily riff with whatever ingredients you have available, even if you've never made it before.

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      1. re: chicgail

        Diana Kennedy is old school Mexican cooking who has lived there forever. Rick Bayless is nouveau Mexican cuisine, but is delish too. Depends on what your looking for, both have merit.

      2. Yoo hoo, Cristina in Guadalajara! We need you now!
        (she has 200)