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Jun 15, 2009 02:01 PM

Wellfleet area eats?

Looking for good eats in Wellfleet, MA on Cape Cod...restaurants as well as markets.

We're going to be here all of next week and would like to do a mix of going out and cooking on our own (we'll have a grill).

Breakfast? Seafood? Meat? Ice cream? Chowder? Is there a local delicacy?

We'll have a car and can travel but would like to keep it under 20 mins (one-way).


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  1. We have been coming to the Cape with a bunch of families for many years.We stay in Eastham.Some of the things we like in the area-We always take one day and head to The Beachcomber after our day at Coast Guard Beach.Always a blast.I know this place gets mixed chowhound reviews but we go to Finely JPs usually twice over our 10 days and have enjoyed.They do recognize our group and treat us nice.Arnolds and Friendly Fisherman in Eastham for clam shack stuff.Arnolds is nicer for sit down and a bigger selection but I do like Friendly Fisherman fried stuff a bit better.Recently we tried Russ and Maries BBQ on route 6 by marconi and liked that-some people in our group loved the Fried Chicken.Just some ideas on places in the area.Now I recommend getting apple fritters from Flemings donuts in Eastham.The chowder at Arnolds is pretty good.We do love the chowder at Captain Parkers in Yarmouth(yes i know there are mixed chowhound reviews)-enjoy

    1. Local delicacy is by far then Oyster,,,eat em raw ,,fried,,baked You'll love em,,,,,,,

      1. The Wicked Oyster in Wellfleet is my favorite — breakfast, lunch, and dinner! There's a nice little market in Wellfleet center. The Eastham Lobster Pool unfortunately closed, but is reopening with new owner; new name is Woody's. May be worth trying. Arnold's in Eastham has wonderful raw oysters, good lobster rolls.

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          Thanks all.

          When it comes to lobster rolls on Cape Cod, what is the norm? Mayo or butter? Are they equally represented?

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            There is a great new restaurant called THE Wellfleet harbor at the site of the former CAPTAIN HIGGINS RESTAURANT. They just opened in May. They have a varied menu including steaks, seafood and a great raw bar. I had the fried Fisherman's platter there and enjoyed it very much..........seafood was fried with a light batter. There is a seating area on the second floor also which has a great panaoramic view of Wellfleet harbor and Great Island. Would make a nice setting for a romantic dinner. As with many new restaurants, one never knows if they will succeed, but judging by the near full house on a Tuesday night in May, I think they should do ok.

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              Ul, on Cape Cod I have only come across Mayo. Some slather it on (Sir Crickets) and others have a lighter touch (Friendly Fisherman, Sesuit Cafe, Raw Bar). Have fun...

          2. To add on to my prior post and one comment-up until last year when it closed we also liked to do take out lobsters from the Eastham Lobster Pool.Three pounders back to our cottage-a lot cheaper than sitting in the restaurants and having them.I hope the new owner keeps that takeout part the same as it was

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              It looks like Mac's Seafood will run the fish market:

              While the Roo Bar folks will run the restaurant, which is supposed to be more "upscale" than the former Eastham Lobster Pool:

              BTW, don't miss Moby Dick's in Wellfleet. Really some of the best fish/seafood/chowder around. Don't let the long lines discourage moves fast and is impeccably organized!

            2. I second Moby Dick's. The owners are always present, making the place run smoothly, but it is the food that is really outstanding.