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Jun 15, 2009 01:00 PM

Tiznow (Saratoga Springs)

Bloomers Bistro is still closed for renovations. We were able to get a reservation for Tiznow. The SaratogaArtsFest 2009 was in full swing and there was a large and lively crowd at Tiznow's bar and on the sidewalk. Tiznow is an old machine shop and the space is a large, open bistro. We were lucky to get a table against the wall and as far from the bar area as possible. Service was very good. Our servers were from Brooklyn and LI. Now on to the food:


*Spicy fried calamari with a sweet chili-lime aioli. Calamari was cooked perfectly. A salad-like bed of lettuce almost obscured the calamari.

*Thai mussels steamed in sambal, coconut milk, lemongrass. Light and good.


*Seared salmon with pernod and tomato herb vinaigrette and potatoes. Salmon was cooked perfectly. Dish was a little bland.

*Roasted duck breast with moroccan carrot sauce and cous-cous. Very good. The better of the two mains.

We skipped dessert and headed to Eugene's for some gelato and espresso.

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  1. I strongly suspect Bloomers "renovations" mams out of business.
    I do not care for the cramped seating at Tiznow.

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    1. re: jaylhorner

      Bloomers is a favorite . . . .

      Is Tiznow new? There was very little on this Board. Tiznow, Dine, 51 Front . . .I'm partial to The Wine Bar. Liked Lime (sadly closed). Need to get to Dale Miller (just got an email with lunch menu) and back to Marche. In the meantime there's my Capital Region pizza adventure . . .

      PS Met new owner of Mare. Their new menu will have 14 different burgers, etc. or something like that . . .

    2. My expectation of farmed atlantic salmon is that it will always be bland. Just one of the many reasons I avoid it at restaurants.

      I would have thought as a food lover you would already be on that bus.

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      1. re: Daniel B.

        The salmon was fine . . . the overall dish was bland.

        I take the M15.