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Jun 15, 2009 12:26 PM

Cold Stone Creamery coming to Ontario

Can't wait for this to happen. Coming soon to Hamilton, Mississauga, Toronto and Pickering.

I understand the ice cream is very good, so I'm looking forward to the Pickering location. Most likely either at Liverpool and Bayly or Whites and Highway 2.

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  1. Actually it's a co-branding with Tim Horton's. I guess you can't wait for this to happen because you like the ice cream and options? The couple times I've had it in the U.S., I've found it to be way too sweet, almost sickly sweet base, and then adding toppings just takes it over the top. Ice cream shops just don't fly here that well year round, so I'll be watching how this plays out. They'll probably be busy in the beginning cause their schtick is entertaining for first-timers, but then I think it'll fade. Just like Krispy Kreme.

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    1. re: Greekfood Koukla

      Oh, HOW IS WISH our Cold Stone Creamery in Las Vegas has a Tim Horton's with it!!*LOL* Actually, CSC can be good, but it's rich and quite sweet. My fave is the sweet cream, mixed in with graham cracker crumbles. Delicious!

    2. Greg's has been doing mix ins for something like thirty years. I doubt that many people ask for it more than once.

      1. They are a little late to the game too...Marble Slab are popping up every where.

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        1. re: sweetie

          went to the Marble Slab on Saturday in Markham. All I wanted was a 2-scoop cone. They didn't seem to understand what I actually wanted.
          The ice cream wasn't that special, and the waffle cone was a little stale. Cost me over 5 bucks for the 2-scoop waffle cone (including tax).
          I won't be back.

          1. re: paulcol

            We tried the one in Brampton last night.
            My friend and I both thought that the 'chocolate swirl' tasted like chocolate pudding that you buy in small tubs for kid's lunches.

              1. re: duckdown

                4-2880 Queen Street East.
                I am not sure of the cross street as I am not familiar with the area and our friends were directing me.
                Would you like me to call my friend and ask her?

                1. re: allanc

                  Thanks allanc

                  I will google maps it and see where it is

                  I live in Brampton and have been curious to try it since I've never tried it or Marble Slab etc. before

                  1. re: duckdown

                    Hello Duckdown,
                    According to my friend:
                    'Closest to Airport rd & Queen St. Past Chrysler Drive.'

                    I would be interested in your comments as to your experience there.

        2. I am excited. I love Cold Stone and have been wanting it to come here.

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          1. re: janel

            I went to Cold Stone once in California. I didn't like it at all. I agree, with GK, it was way too sweet and i didn't think the quality was very good.

            1. re: acd123

              the novelty of it is fun but the quality of the ice cream isn't tops (i wouldn't expect it to be. think baskin robbins if even that), give me a cup of super premium gelato anytme but sometimes i just want sweet cream ice cream mixed with oreos, strawberries and almonds.


              1. re: acd123

                Tried an ice cream creation tonight with Sweet Cream as the base. I'm not too picky on ice creams, but it was really quite bad. Waaay too sweet - and I sampled the cake batter vs sweet cream first to make sure (cake batter ice cream is even sweeter).

                On the other hand, I'm quite addicted to the Sinless smoothies. The only problem is there's quite a bit of inconsistency around what's in them depending on who makes it (referring to the Danforth location).