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Jun 15, 2009 12:11 PM

restaurant near any of the Capogiros

Meeting hubby in town for dinner tonight. My ultimate goal is to get gelato at Capogiros but we need to have dinner first. any recommendations for a restaurant near any of the Capogiros?

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  1. I always loved Lolita, across the street and about a block north of the 13th st Capogiro. It's a cozy upscale latin-mex fusion place, but cash only and BYOT (tequila). If you want to make sure you actually have room for the gelato, I'd say either each have an appetizer and split their guacamole with plantain and root veggie chips, or skip the apps and just order mains since their portion sizes are decent. They don't take reservations on the weekend, but if you are going tonight you should be able to reserve a table (prob a good idea).

    1. go to Tinto, across the street from the 20th St. Capogiro. Lolita is good too, Tinto is better but it's also more expensive.

      1. Just an update, there was a fire this morning at the 13th St. Capogiro, they're closed until further notice. So your only options are the 20th St. location and the new one on East Passyunk. I like the flavors better at the 20th St. location, personally.

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          Alas! I haven't lived in PHL in years, but I have such fond memories of when Capogiro's 13th Street shop first opened. I hope they recover speedily!

          1. We always enjoy Matyson on 19th between Market and Chestnut, but if you have your mouth set on gelato then you can't get the 5 course tasting menu, which is a great deal.

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              Definitely Matyson but we always have trouble leaving without dessert. Their desserts are the best! Do the tasting menu.