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Jun 15, 2009 11:34 AM

Chopped Season 2

Season 2 of Chopped started last night. Seems as though they've made some small changes. Ted Allen seems far less wooden, but he's still not the ideal host. The judges still seem to take themselves and the show a little too seriously...I've seen Alex Guarneschelli in many things, including a personal appearance at the NY Culinary Experience last fall, and she is always warm, friendly, smart, but in this show I just don't like her persona. She comes across as kind of harsh and a little mean!
The talent level of the 4 chefs seemed to improve vastly from last year. The first course had sea urchin as one of the ingredients and none of them seemed stymied by it, although one didn't know how to open it properly, but they all created decent dishes. The ingredients also seemed to be a little more "kind", as in there wasn't that one ridiculous item in each course that they had to incorporate.
So, I'll keep watching. Oh, and I don't know if it was just me, but I thought the color quality of the show itself in the first season was awful and all the food looked gray/brown...that was better too.

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  1. I think I will actually miss that one ridiculous item they would throw in ( like the powdered cheese fromthe kraft mac and cheese box, or gummy bears or whatever) because it gave the show a bit of playfullness and I loved seeing the creativity that it envoked.

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      Time will just seemed from this episode that the "ridiculous" item was a little less ridiculous. They had bulgur wheat for the dessert course which was a little more difficult to incorporate. The main course they had red snapper, molasses, parsnips and dried cranberries. So again, I think it is still a bit difficult, but maybe just not as bizarre as in the first season.
      It was just the first episode, so we'll see what happens next time. I am all for playfulness and creativity, but sometimes it just seemed that they found the one thing that would never meld well with the other ingredients, making for a very un-tasty dish!

      1. re: sibeats

        I hated the first season *because* of the one ridiculous ingredient... I like this season much better because it has REAL ingredients. The show shouldn't be "make a dish with this out of place/processed Kraft/General Mills/etc. food-like product." Don't get me wrong...I love a bowl of Fruit Loops every once in awhile...but not in my entree.

    2. My son had this on last night, so I watched it for the first time. Is this the worst cooking show ever, or what? I agree that the judges take it all so seriously -- I mean, weird ingredients, 30 minutes, OK Alex Guarneschelli, let's see what you can do. There is nothing remotely inspirational or delicious about any of the food -- who'd want to eat it or emulate any of it. It's just incredibly stupid.

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        So, obviously, to each his own. I really like this show. As for the judges taking themselves too seriously, they are clearly taking direction to do just that. Ted Allen doesn't do too much for me, but he's not that big a part of the show anyway.

      2. so i watched episode 2 last night because there is nothing else on in that time frame and i definitely noticed and improvement in the quality of the chefs. usually it was a decision of who's dish was the least bad and this time i think 3 chefs put out GOOD dishes and it was hard to decide. pretty big change. not like it's going to become my favorite show but better.

        1. I thought this weeks episode was really good. The final three all seemed evenly matched and did very well with the secret ingredients IMO. Much better than last season.