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Food trucks in New Haven

Does anyone have a review of the food trucks I saw parked along the access road along Rt. 95 in New Haven, right along the water? They look plenty funky.

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  1. I've never eaten there, but there are ones all over downtown New Haven that are very good.

    1. I've eaten at a couple of them and they were all good and cheap. My fav is the small black trailer, tongue tacos, yum!

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        I've tried them too. easy on, easy off, I picked the one that looked the best maintained. I got into a line behind a bunch of central Americans (good sign), and got a pretty good burrito out of the deal. I got back on the road, but if you choose to hang there, the scenery is pretty good.

        It's a 'definitely do again' thing.

        tongue tacos? Interesting! I'll have to look up the word for tongue in Spanish.

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          Lengua tacos. Pretty common at your typical taqueria.

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            Mission accomplished! Tried a lengua burrito - can't remember which truck. Very tender, good flavor, but a bit too juicy.

      2. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/5858... If there is an Ixtapa#1 truck there, they say it is the best. You must try lengua tacos!
        I'm still looking for the answer to whether there is any relationship to Ixtapa Grill, on Whitney, in Hamden?

        1. I'm more of a fan of the cabeza tacos. I've enjoyed all the flavor tacos except the pollo my mom got one time. At a buck a pop they're a wonderful snack on my way through. I'm pretty sure I go to one of the Ixtapa trucks. As I recall, sometimes there is more than one parked in the lineup.

          1. IXtapa #1 for sure and the lengua rocks. I asked a long time ago if they had relationship to place on whitney and was told yes by the guy working in truck, if they do anymore i dont know

            1. The trucks are a good example of a true chowhounding experience. Trucks such as the ones on Long Wharf give you a challenging risk-reward profile: Bad stuff from trucks is abysmal and may make you ill, but good stuff from trucks can be out of this world. I don't remember the taco trucks we visited at Long Wharf, but I can second the notion of lengua and cabeza. You can get the parts trifecta at some trucks with lengua, cabeza, y buche. I'm not man enough for buche yet, but one day ...

              1. I have not had a bad meal from the taco trucks. There is a nice looking trailer that's black with a mural on the side which seems to draw in the gringos because it seems cleaner. Food is fine but I think you can't go wrong with any of them. I have been working my way through them and its all been better than Chipotle. There's also one truck that does Puerto Rican which is very good. Try 'em, you'll like'em.

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                  It's true, you can't go wrong with any of them, but I find some better than the others. Specifically, some truck's tacos are $2, some are only $1, and even at these price points way at the bottom end of the scale you get what you pay for. It seemed to me that the $1 trucks pre-cooked their proteins, where the $2 truck (Ixtapa and El Charrito in Stamford) cooks their proteins a la minute.

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                    I think the black trailer with the mural on the side is the Nexcalli truck (see through the photos here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/25117438...) It is good. The tacos placero are really good at that truck.

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                      Yes, Nexcali is the one I was thinking of that's good, not Ixtapa!

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                        Hey, Adam! I went this weekend and didn't see the black Nexcalli truck. Is it only there on weekdays, maybe?

                        Ended up at Las Tripletas (?) for a quick beef 'n cheese empanadita. As always, I find it hard to complain about something that costs $1.50. It was a bit greasy, but otherwise pretty tasty.

                        P.S. Safe travels back to California. You'll be missed here for sure!

                    2. God, I love those trucks. I have a review on my website, in detail, of the Tripletas 'n' More signature sandwich, and have really enjoyed the tacos from other trucks, too- chorizo from Ixtapa brings fond memories to mind.