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Jun 15, 2009 11:09 AM

Tibetan Restaurants?

I recently watched an Anthony Bourdain show where he visited Tibet. Everything he ate there sounded amazing. I've tried looking around for a place via the web and the search on this site, but nothing is coming up.

Anyone know a place? Prefer downtown or NW suburbs but will travel :) Thanks!

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  1. There used to be a Tibet Cafe on Sheridan/Irving. Sadly, they have been closed for a few years now. Would like to know too if anyone know of any other place in the area.

    1. Are you willing to travel 3.5 to 4 hours to Bloomington, Indiana? Closest ones I know unfortunately - Snow Lion and Anyetsang's Little Tibet.

      1. Mt. Everest in Evanston features Nepalese cuisine. Not sure if that covers what you're looking for:

        1. they do import all things yak to America these days? i'm just curious. i brought back yak butter tea in powder form, amongst many (edible) things from Tibet, and have been giving it to people i know. so far nobody can stomach it lol... the smell is too much for them. the first thing i did when i arrived in Tibet was drinking the tea :) only one cup for the first time. Tibetans drink it from dusk til dawn, and in copious quantities.

          1. The only Tibetan in the Midwest that I'm aware of is in Bloomington, Indiana - Home of the Dali Lama's Brother and Indiana University. Snow Lion and Little Tibet. If you're really interested it could be a weekend road trip --> and order spicy potatoes.