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Jun 15, 2009 10:53 AM

Buying Fresh Seafood in Calgary

Where's a good place for buying fresh seafood in Calgary? I am looking at mussels, clams, and fish. All the better if the mussels are debearded and cleaned. (so time consuming to clean those suckers). Preferably somewhere in the NW or downtown. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Try a nearby Superstore. The two in SW are very good, fresh, good selection, prices, etc.

    They currently have Malpeques, my favourite

    I have though never in my life seen debearded fresh mussels.

    1. There's always Boyd's on 14th Street and 15th Avenue SW. Nice, but small. Hate to suggest this again (they get way too much free press on this board), but the Co-op Midtown also carries fresh mussels. Most of their fish is farmed, though, if that's a problem.

      1. Don't want to ruffle any feathers but I would avoid superstore for seafood. From my experience its less than fresh. Try a place like North Sea in Willowpark (I know, not the NW) or Midtown CO-OP.

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          No feathers ruffled, we all have different experiences. All I know is that all of the seafood I've ever bought at Superstore has been very fresh, and I've never noticed any that wasn't, likely because they move a large volume of seafood.

        2. For fish Superstore is a good choice as they move it quite a lot but I hardly see anyone buying shellfish. I always go to T&T for any shellfish as they go through tons of it and I have yet to be disappointed.

          Costco sometimes has fresh east coast mussels that are really good but they usually have some decent steelhead or wild salmon as well.