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Jun 15, 2009 10:47 AM

Matcha Green Tea Powder---what brand? where to buy? what to do with it?

I have been seeing some awesome pictures on Tastespotting and Foodgawker that require Matcha tea powder. I have never used it but would like to try it out. What does it taste like? Also, where can I buy some? Asian grocery store? What isle? And are any brands better? Also, what are your favorite uses for it?

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  1. I love matcha. I usually just drink it as tea. You really need a bamboo matcha whisk like this one to get it truly lump-free and frothy:
    They can get pretty expensive but I got mine free from a tea shop as a bonus when I bought some matcha and it's served me just fine. So shop around.

    Be sure to use water at ~170-180 degrees
    I get my matcha from Asian markets (Japanese & Korean are sure bets) in the tea aisle or a reputable tea shop... but I'm not super picky.

    Matcha also makes great iced tea (straight or flavored) but it's a bit decadent (ie, expensive) so I tend to use the cheaper genmaicha or sencha for iced tea.

    On my list of recipes to try is this one:
    also green tea ice cream, green tea creme brulee, green tea truffles. I once had an incredible (and incredibly expensive) green tea "chocolate" from a fancy tea shop in NY made from matcha and I think white chocolate. The green tea flavor was so haunting. I think it was like $4 for a 1x1x1/2" piece. Oh, but it was so good. I've been searching for a recipe for something like that ever since.

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      I've made truffles from white chocolate and matcha powder before - very nice! I think I just used a normal truffle recipe, and added matcha powder to taste.

      I've also made matcha and cashew biscotti which were very good.

    2. I really like the matcha from teanobi. They also carry matcha for baking.

      1. Matcha powder can be added to muffin batter, cookie dough, smoothies, salad dressing, infused as ice cubes. The flavor is very subtle but the fab green color really enhances the appearance of many recipes. Experiment.

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          I love it in ice cream base! Top it with red beans and YUM!

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            Me too, Sherri K! When we bake fortune cookies we crumple a handfull in the ice cream maker as the green tea cream swirls-delicious!

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              OK Hill- ya know I'm doin' that next time I make a batch ok ice cream! Even if the cookies are store bought!

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                So worth it Sherri K, love the semi-crunch. The cookies soften and make for a nice texture.

        2. Just a reminder - after opening, matcha should be refrigerated and stored in an air tight container. Hope you enjoy it.

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