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Jun 15, 2009 10:43 AM

Restaurant to Celebrate 40th Birthday in Orlando

My friend is celebrating her 40th birthday in Orlando, as she is there for business she's not happy about it, so I wanted to take her somewhere really fun and cool in downtown Orlando for her birthday. Does anyone have any good suggestions? I'm completely unfamiliar with downtown, but want to find a good spot!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. this isnt downtown but since its her birthday im sure she wouldnt mind going. they have a birthday free meal coupon for texas de brazil if you sign up on their site, its about 20 minutes from downtown but its definitely worth it so goodd

      1. A group of 30-40 yr girlfriends and I went downtown for girls night out. Ate at Napasorn Thai (wonderful food and service) and then walked over to the I-bar and danced til 2am. (Great place to dance if you don't mind it a bit rough around the edges.)

        1. I'm going to check out the new restaurant downtown called Black Olive on Thursday for a Birthday. The menu looks great, I'll let you know if it was any good and maybe that would be a good place for your Birthday celebration.

          Other suggestions downtown that I have eaten at that are good are Hue, Citrus, Ceviche.

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            i hear black olive is good for lunch as well as the prices are cheaper

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              Black Olive is probably the only place downtown that's elegant. It has had mixed reviews here on the board; I haven't tried it yet. For fun, you might consider Ceviche, while is a lively tapas concept. Citrus has big-city style and might be a good bet. I'm trying it again on Friday. Or, venture to other downtown neighborhoods. In College Park, K Wine Bar Restaurant and Nonna are both terrific small places with serious food. In Thornton Park, Shari Sushi is a gorgeous Asian place with good food. Hue, down the block, is trendy. The service is excellent; the food is inconsistent--sometimes great, sometimes not.

          2. I highly suggest Kres steakhouse, or Citrus Restaurant or the Boheme Hotel's fine dining restaurant. Hue is also lively and great food in Thorton Park which boarders downtown. Ceviche is a great tapas restaurant with a fun atmosphere in downtown. Also, Spice is nice and overlooks Lake Eola.

            Not sure why everyone is only suggesting Black Olive when these are all fabulous options that I have personally eaten at.

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              OMG...I went to Kres for my 40TH!! It was great. But shrimp and steak are ALWAYS great.

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                Kres chophouse is your best bet for downtown elegant fun

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                  I've eaten at Spice twice and both times it was not good. I personally wouldn't recommend that place.

                  I agree with all the others listed as being good restaurants.