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Restaurant to Celebrate 40th Birthday in Orlando

My friend is celebrating her 40th birthday in Orlando, as she is there for business she's not happy about it, so I wanted to take her somewhere really fun and cool in downtown Orlando for her birthday. Does anyone have any good suggestions? I'm completely unfamiliar with downtown, but want to find a good spot!

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  1. this isnt downtown but since its her birthday im sure she wouldnt mind going. they have a birthday free meal coupon for texas de brazil if you sign up on their site, its about 20 minutes from downtown but its definitely worth it so goodd

    1. A group of 30-40 yr girlfriends and I went downtown for girls night out. Ate at Napasorn Thai (wonderful food and service) and then walked over to the I-bar and danced til 2am. (Great place to dance if you don't mind it a bit rough around the edges.)

      1. I'm going to check out the new restaurant downtown called Black Olive on Thursday for a Birthday. The menu looks great, I'll let you know if it was any good and maybe that would be a good place for your Birthday celebration.

        Other suggestions downtown that I have eaten at that are good are Hue, Citrus, Ceviche.

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          i hear black olive is good for lunch as well as the prices are cheaper

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            Black Olive is probably the only place downtown that's elegant. It has had mixed reviews here on the board; I haven't tried it yet. For fun, you might consider Ceviche, while is a lively tapas concept. Citrus has big-city style and might be a good bet. I'm trying it again on Friday. Or, venture to other downtown neighborhoods. In College Park, K Wine Bar Restaurant and Nonna are both terrific small places with serious food. In Thornton Park, Shari Sushi is a gorgeous Asian place with good food. Hue, down the block, is trendy. The service is excellent; the food is inconsistent--sometimes great, sometimes not.

        2. I highly suggest Kres steakhouse, or Citrus Restaurant or the Boheme Hotel's fine dining restaurant. Hue is also lively and great food in Thorton Park which boarders downtown. Ceviche is a great tapas restaurant with a fun atmosphere in downtown. Also, Spice is nice and overlooks Lake Eola.

          Not sure why everyone is only suggesting Black Olive when these are all fabulous options that I have personally eaten at.

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            OMG...I went to Kres for my 40TH!! It was great. But shrimp and steak are ALWAYS great.

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              Kres chophouse is your best bet for downtown elegant fun

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                I've eaten at Spice twice and both times it was not good. I personally wouldn't recommend that place.

                I agree with all the others listed as being good restaurants.

              2. Downtown, Fun and Cool, but not the best food around would be Hamburger Mary's. Tuesday's they have transvestite bingo which is always a blast.

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                    Ceviche was GOOD, and you can order lots of small plates and sample different things.

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                      I second ceviche, its tapas style and fun for a birthday and it's actually downtown.

                    2. I went to the Black Olive last night and I DO NOT recommend this place. I didn't care for anything I tasted (bland, not properly cooked). The menu is very limited as well. It was a Thursday night and b/t 7:30 - 10 there were 4 tables with people dining. I don't think this place is going to make it.

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                        I'd suggest you try it again, and speak to the manager or chef about the food if not pleased. It has been inconsistent in some of the dishes, and I think the fillet on the menu is pretty good, on the other hand, the NY strip steak is a poor quality cut of meat. That being said I have had plenty of meals there and most are very good.

                        They are currently offering a theather menu (The Plaza Cinema is overhead) from 5 - 7 that is one heck of a deal. Three course meal for 20 bucks, all the selections on that menu are very good. Also the happy hour goes to 7 each day so the drinks are cheap. As a bonus the piano singer that they have have on Thursday - Saturday nights is absolutely fabulous.

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                          Actually, I just went last Saturday night and the girl piano singer they had sounded horrible, voice was okay, but the playing was all over the place and extremely amateur... the skill level didn't match the quality of the restaurant.
                          At first when I walked in with my date I just thought she was a patron screwing around on the piano, then when I realized she was actually the musical entertainment I cringed... practically with every song... she was out of time and just banging around on the piano in a very amateur way.
                          The dinner was expensive... the place was/is very nice... the food was good... the presntation even better... but the music .... had me on edge. It should've been the nice background that it is supposed to be. But it wasn't that.
                          They need to let that brunette girl go... let her catch up to her potential... and then when she's more at a professional level... let her come back. She still has a while... she'll get there... but she's not ready to be playing at that nice of an establishment when people pay good money for a great experience and if it feels like a night at open mic... it just won't do. Sorry, but it's true.

                          Black Olive
                          , Orlando, FL 32801

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                            You must have been there when there was a fill-in. Heather F is the regular. She is outstanding.