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Jun 15, 2009 10:30 AM

New Sandwich joint in White Plains, MELT, anyone try?

Was at Good to Go picking up lunch today, noticed next door a new place where the bagel shop was (277 Mamaroneck Ave) called Melt Sandwich Shop, went in, nice decor, sort of a mini version of COSI looks wise. Didnt try it as I had already bought my lunch but its a unique place in that you pick your bread, 1 of about a dozen "smokes and roasts" meats (pulled porkt, smoked turky, pastrami, aged top round and others) and then you can pick any one of a dozen combination toppings like the "french onion" or the "Philly" etc... Then it looks like they grill the sandwich for you to "melt" the cheese. It looked yummy. I grabbed a take out menu (which is why I have these details for you). They also have grilled flatbread pizza.

Has anyone taken one for the team? I plan to try it this week so I will report back shortly.

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  1. That was a rather fast turn around-Store front was still covered last week IIRC. Which made me wonder what was moving into location.
    Thanks for the up-date.

    1. Stopped there today, half our office ordered so we got to do a good sampling. Flat bread is made fresh right on the grill and was chewy and tasty. I had the roast turkey with bacon cheddar and chipotle remoulade and I was very happy. One had the flat bread grilled pizza and was impressed. other sandwiches were a corned beef reuben, turkey cuban and top round "melt mac" sandwiches are assembled and put under a broiler to melt the cheese. Overall very nice, there are options for heros or basic rolls too, the hero looked substantial, may need to try that next time.

      Bottom line: Still working out the kinks but not terrible at all, owner/chef has one guy on the line with him probably needs 2. Taste was very good and very fresh. He is most likely underpricing what you get which is good for customers currently.

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      1. Went to MELT yesterday after recommendations from here and from people in my office. WOW!!! It was hard to choose, but I had grilled salmon--freshly grilled after I made my order--on a "short" which is a delicious soft roll. Chose the "mango" option, which was fresh chopped mango, red onion, cilantro, jalapeno. All for $6.

        For those who asked, there are choices of sandwiches, pizzas, and salads. Half servings of each kind of salad are available for $3. For sandwiches, you choose a meat/fish filling (change daily), then one of about 12 outers, all of which look wonderful. There were 8 or so pizza options, all of which I wanted to get. Pizzas were $8 each. Most "short" sandwiches are $5, flatbread ones are $7, and longs are $8. Not sure how long they can keep the prices this low, so don't complain if they do end up raising them; it will still be a great value.

        Coffee is $1 for a regular size cup. Apparently they also do breakfast.

        This is at the end of Mamaroneck Ave. fairly close to where Bloomingdale Road splits off, so it's relatively easy to get parking on the street. There are a few tables, so you don't have to just do take out.

        Open until 6 p.m. weekdays, 3 p.m. Saturdays.

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          went back again today, tried the bbq pulled pork with the "philly" combo (cheese whiz and grilled onions) YUM!! They added a third person to the line so it moves faster now.

        2. Went yesterday and got the pulled pork grilled pizza talked about/pictured in the linked LoHud article. It was exceptional and a great value for the money at $8.00. I'm amazed how streamlined/efficient/neat & clean this place is. I cannot wait to go back and try more but I will probably bobsess :o) over the pulled pork pizza for a least a few more visits.

          1. Melt is delicious. Best $5 sandwich I've every had. I've been there twice and once got the roast beef with cheesesteak toppings and I also got the pork loin with spicy mexican toppings. All the meat is homemade and the topping do not cost extra. I want to try one of their grilled pizzas, but I think next time I'm getting the BBQ pork. I reccomend it to everyone, plus you can sit outside.

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              Just came back after having lunch at Melt.

              Salads $5. Sandwiches between $5 and $8. Pick the size, pick the main, then choose the toppings from a list of combos. I had the pulled pork sandwich. Very moist! I watched as some of the other sandwiches were prepared. Everything looked good. Even the eggs/cheese combo (at $2.50) looked good, in a way they I haven't seen this prepared before.
              Dare I say gourmet at a price. Looks like this place is a winner (for a change). My sandwich was delicious. I'm glad I'm home doing work next week!!

              Friendly staff. The Chef reminded me of Phillip at the Iron Horse.