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Jun 15, 2009 09:50 AM

Microbreweries - Chattanooga & Atlanta

My husband is always on a quest to find the best local microbreweries whenever we travel. While he only really cares about the beer, the rest of the family would like some decent food :) Suggestions? Thanks.

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  1. We go to Chattanooga often and always stop at Big River Grille's downtown location. Very good food to go with the beer your husband will love. We live in Athens, and there is a place here, Copper Creek Brewing Company, which is good if you stick to ribs, sandwiches and burgers. They have great beer deals.

    1. There's also TAPS in midtown. You can pick around the usual bar food by trying the goat cheese and carmelized onions on toast or the ahi tuna or pork arpeas.
      They have Terrapin Rye pale, Red Brick Blonde and Sweetwater IPA on tap. Also some selection from Highland out of Ashville NC. and they do carry their own cask brews.

      1. I assume you mean brewpubs. You could hit one of the 5 Seasons locations in Atlanta. The new downtown one hasn't gotten the best reviews so far, but Sandy Springs and Alpharetta are good bets.

        We also have lots of good beer joints and gastropubs. The Brick Store in Decatur is about to celebrate their 12th anniversary and is putting on quite a run of special offerings over the next 12 days. Same folks own Leon's around the corner, which has a more upscale menu. There's the Porter Beer Bar in Little 5 Points.

        And Holeman & Finch has a short-but-good beer list, and the cocktails and food kick booty.

        1. I second Ted's recommendation for both Brick Store and 5 Seasons. When you say 'family' I assume you mean there are children in tow -- if this is the case I would skip Holeman & Finch. It's a great place and one of my favorite restaurants in Atlanta, but it's a tiny, crowded, kinda expensive place and not really right for kids.

          I love The Porter, but I wouldn't take kids there at night. Lunch time would be fine. Awesome beer selection there.

          I also like Max Lager's brewpub downtown.

          1. Big River Grille in downtown Chattanooga and 5 Seasons in Sandy Springs are both excellent choices.

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              If your husband likes beer, he can't miss the Brick Store Pub. The BSP doesn't brew their own beer, but they do get in some of the rarest releases east of the Mississippi River.