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Jun 15, 2009 09:42 AM

Solomon's Lamb

Does anyone know if anyone sells this online?

I've been buying from Publix but they are having problems. (They said the meat wasn't stamped so they had to send it back)

Also does anyone know if a non kosher butcher would be able to order this perhaps?

Thanks Cheryl (Orlando Fl)

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  1. For great lamb, try Griller's Pride - Glatt Kosher out of Atlanta, owned by a South African, Peter Swerdlow (nice guy) here:

    He'll ship (it's expensive) but he also makes periodic deliveries (and he has lots of other products, including great South African sausages) to Jacksonville & Gainesville (once a month - next delivery is July 12) so you can save on shipping costs.

    1. Sorry - I don't know what Solomon's Lamb, but check out Its I &D Glatt and they have stores in Brooklyn and Long Island and I know they ship all over the country. His meat is top notch.

      Good Luck.

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      1. re: sl96

        Nice web site. I found it amusing that they have a June special of "Whole Broiler (3.39lb) reg price $7.60 on sale for $7.60 Save: 0% off". Thank g-d it was on sale who knows what the non sale price would be :)

            1. re: cherylp3

              On the website, they say they ship to Florida. You can call them and ask if they ship to any retail locations. Also, if you buy enough, they may just ship to you.