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Jun 15, 2009 09:41 AM

Coming to Charlotte... Help

We are coming to Charlotte for 3 days. Would like some recommendations for bar-b-que and Carolina low country cooking. We are from Louisiana so no cajun please.Also one fine dining option. Thanks for the input.

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  1. We'd have to know what part of the city you're staying in, or where you anticipate being around mealtimes. Bring a GPS unit.

    "Barbecue in Charlotte" seems to be a dirty word around here, people will tell you it doesn't exist and you're better off starving or driving an hour away. But if you find yourself near Bill Spoons (lunch only), Ole Smokehouse, Old Hickory House, or even Mac's Speedshop you can get some decent 'cue.

    I don't know if I can think of any low country restaurants, but Mert's has some dishes.

    1. For fine dining, I might suggest Fig Tree.

      Or Terra:

      billyjack hit the nail on the head re: bbq. This isn't exactly a haven for low country cuisine, either.

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        Hey, thanks! I was afraid of the response I'd get for recommending anywhere inside Clt. While its true you won't find any magnificent, knee-shaking ecstasy-inducing 'cue I don't think theres anything wrong with grabbing a sandwich at Bill Spoon's.

        For fine dining, Ratcliffe on the Green is a popular suggestion. I know I love it.

        If you're staying in the South Charlotte/Ballantyne area, Global is fantastic.

        I've wanted to try Terra but haven't made it there.